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perl-Perl-MinimumVersion-1.40-1.el9 in EPEL 9

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2021-12-20 Paul Howarth <paul at city dash fan dot org> - 1.40-1 - Update to 1.40 - Features enabled via the 'experimental' pragma are now recognized (GH#5) - Depend on PPIx::Utils instead of Perl::Critic::Utils (GH#6) - Recognize several new features and their minimum required Perl versions (GH#10, GH#20): 'say', 'smartmatch', 'postderef', 'postderef_qq', 'signatures', 'refaliasing', 'bitwise', 'declared_refs', 'isa', 'indirect'


  • perl(Perl::MinimumVersion)
  • perl(Perl::MinimumVersion::Reason)
  • perl-Perl-MinimumVersion


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