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gdb-gdbserver-14.1-3.fc38 in Fedora 38

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Date Author Change
2024-01-25 Guinevere Larsen <blarsen at redhat dot com> - 14.1-3 - Backport "gdb: fix list . related crash"
2024-01-17 Alexandra Hájková <ahajkova at redhat dot com> - Fix a few issues introduced by me doing the rebase incorrectly.
2024-01-15 Kevin Buettner <kevinb at redhat dot com> - 14.1-2 - Backport upstream commit bc23ea51f8a83e9524dfb553baa8baacb29e68a9, potentially fixing RHBZ 2257562.
2024-01-03 Alexandra Hájková <ahajkova at redhat dot com> - 14.1-1 - Rebase to FSF GDB 14.1. - Update local patches: gdb-6.5-bz185337-resolve-tls-without-debuginfo-v2.patch gdb-6.6-buildid-locate-rpm.patch gdb-6.6-buildid-locate.patch gdb-container-rh-pkg.patch gdb-core-open-vdso-warning.patch gdb-fedora-libncursesw.patch gdb-linux_perf-bundle.patch - Update backported patches which didn't make it into 14.1: gdb-rhbz-2232086-cpp-ify-mapped-symtab.patch gdb-rhbz-2232086-generate-gdb-index-consistently.patch - Drop upstreamed local patches: gdb-6.5-sharedlibrary-path.patch - Drop gdb-13.2 backports (which are now in gdb-14.1): gdb-binutils29988-read_indexed_address.patch gdb-bz2196395-debuginfod-legacy-openssl-crash.patch gdb-bz2237392-dwarf-obstack-allocation.patch gdb-bz2237515-debuginfod-double-free.patch gdb-rhbz2192105-ftbs-dangling-pointer gdb-rhbz2233961-CVE-2022-4806.patch gdb-rhbz2233965-memory-leak.patch - Adjust gdb.spec so that --with-mpfr is no longer passed to configure; doing so, combined with some configury changes triggered a latent build problem.
2023-11-28 Andrew Burgess <aburgess at redhat dot com> - Backport upstream commits 1f0fab7ff86, aa19bc1d259, acc117b57f7, aff250145af, and 3644f41dc80. These commits reduce the size of the generated gdb-index file, and also ensure that the gdb-index and dwarf-5 index are generated consistently even as the number of worker threads that GDB uses changes (RHBZ 2232086).
2023-10-14 Alexandra Hájková <ahajkova at redhat dot com> - 13.2-6 - Backport upstream commit d28fbc7197b which fixes RHBZ 2233965, CVE-2022-48065 (Alan Modra).
2023-09-21 Alexandra Hájková <ahajkova at redhat dot com> - 13.2-5 - Backport upstream commit 8f2c64de86b which fixes RHBZ 2233961, CVE-2022-48064, (Alan Modra).
2023-09-15 Andrew Burgess <aburgess at redhat dot com> - 13.2-4 - Bump release to 13.2-4.
2023-09-14 Andrew Burgess <aburgess at redhat dot com> - Backport upstream commit 54392c4df604f20, which fixes RHBZ 2237392.
2023-09-13 Andrew Burgess <aburgess at redhat dot com> - Backport upstream commit f96328accde1e63, which fixes RHBZ 2237515.


  • gdb-gdbserver
  • gdb-gdbserver(x86-64)
  • libinproctrace.so()(64bit)


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