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obs-studio - Open Broadcaster Software Studio
obs-studio-devel - Open Broadcaster Software Studio header files
obs-studio-libs - Open Broadcaster Software Studio libraries
obs-studio-plugin-browser - Open Broadcaster Software Studio - CEF-based browser plugin
obs-studio-plugin-vlc-video - Open Broadcaster Software Studio - VLC-based video plugin
obs-studio-plugin-vkcapture - OBS plugin for Vulkan/OpenGL game capture
obs-studio-plugin-webkitgtk - OBS Browser source plugin based on WebKitGTK
obs-signd - The OBS sign daemon
lsp-plugins - Linux Studio Plugins
zint-qt - Zint Barcode Studio
lmms - Linux MultiMedia Studio
lsp-plugins-doc - Linux Studio Plugins documentation
studio-controls - Studio control for audio devices
obs-service-recompress - An OBS source service: Recompress files
obs-service-download_files - An OBS source service: download files
osc-source_validator - OBS source service to validate sources
obs-cef - OBS fork of the Chromium Embedded Framework
lib3ds - 3D Studio file format library
lib3ds-devel - 3D Studio file format library
lib3ds-tools - 3D Studio file format library
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