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2023-03-29 Patsy Griffin <patsy at redhat dot com> - 2023c-1 - Rebase to tzdata-2023c - Reinstate Lebanon DST change effective March 25.
2023-03-24 Patsy Griffin <patsy at redhat dot com> - 2023b-1 - Rebase to tzdata-2023b - Lebanon will transition to DST on April 20/21, not March 25/26.
2023-03-23 Patsy Griffin <patsy at redhat dot com> - 2023a-1 - Rebase to tzdata-2023a - Egypt reintroduced DST, from April through October. - Morocco springs forward April 23, not April 30. - Palestine delayed the start of DST this year.
2023-01-21 Fedora Release Engineering <releng at fedoraproject dot org> - 2022g-2 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_38_Mass_Rebuild
2022-12-02 Patsy Griffin <patsy at redhat dot com> - 2022g-1 - Rebase to tzdata-2022g - The northern edge of the Mexican state of Chihuahua will change time zone to agree with nearby US locations on 2022-11-30. - Added a new Zone America/Ciudad_Juarez that splits from America/Ojinaga.
2022-10-31 Patsy Griffin <patsy at redhat dot com> - 2022f-1 - Rebase to tzdata-2022f - Mexico will stop observing DST except near the US border. - Chihuahua moved to -06 year round starting on 2022-10-30. - Fiji no longer observes DST.
2022-10-14 Patsy Griffin <patsy at redhat dot com> - 2022e-1 - Rebase to tzdata-2022e - Jordan and Syria cancelled the DST transition planned for 2022-10-28, remaining at +03 permanently.
2022-09-25 Patsy Griffin <patsy at redhat dot com> - 2022d-1 - Rebase to tzdata-2022d - Palestine DST transition will be on October 29, 2022, not October 28, 2022. - Europe/Uzhgorod and Europe/Zaporozhye are moved to 'backzone'.
2022-08-22 Patsy Griffin <patsy at redhat dot com> - 2022c-1 - Rebase to tzdata-2022c - supersedes tzdata-2022b - Add a work-around for an awk bug in FreeBSD, macOS, etc. - Improve tzselect with respect to intercontinental Zones.
2022-08-14 Patsy Griffin <patsy at redhat dot com> - 2022b-1 - Rebase to tzdata-2022b - Chile transitions to DST on 2022-09-11, not 2022-09-04 - 'make install' now defaults LOCALTIME to Factory rather than GMT - More zones that are the same since 1970 have been moved to backzone. - Include patch for awk workaround.


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