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tworld-cclp-1.3.2-3.el7 in EPEL 7

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Date Author Change
2017-06-27 Artur Iwicki <fedora@svgames.pl 1.3.2-3 - Fix license tags in appdata file - Add dependency on hicolor-icon-theme - Remove unnecessary slashes after buildroot macro in install section
2017-06-17 Artur Iwicki <fedora at svgames dot pl> 1.3.2-2 - Move the level packs out of -data into a -cclp subpackage - Add a .dac file that enables the CCLP2 level pack - Add icons and a .desktop file - Add an .appdata.xml file
2017-06-16 Artur Iwicki <fedora at svgames dot pl> 1.3.2-1 - Initial packaging



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