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2023-09-06 Petr Šplíchal <psplicha at redhat dot com> - 1.27.0-1 - Use `testcloud` domain API v2 - Bootstrap before/after test checks (#2210) - Separate value formatting from key/value nature of tmt.utils.format() - Render `link` fields in tmt stories and specs - Render default friendly command for guest execution - Use consistently plural/singular forms in docs - Make file/fmf dependencies hashable - Rewrite git url for discover fmf: modified-only - Refactor Artemis and Beaker provision tests to make room for HW - Adjust imported plan to let its adjust rules make changes - Get Ansible logging on par with general command execution - Support Click versions newer than 8.1.4 - Teach tmt test create to link relevant issues (#2273) - Add story describing CLI for multiple phases - When rendering exception, indetation was dropping empty lines - Expose tmt version as an environment variable - Fix handling of integers and hostname in Beaker plugin - Fix bug where polarion component is misinterpreted as list - Refactor recording of CLI subcommand invocations (#2188) - Put `--help` at the end of the CLI in the step usage - Extend the expected `pip install` fail to `f-39` - Make `tmt init` add .fmf directory into git index - Fix guest data show() and how it displays hardware requirements - Add lint check for matching guests, roles and where keys - Add -e/--environment/--environment-files to plan show/export - No more need to install `pre-commit` using `pip` - Ensure that step phases have unique names - Verbose regular expression for linter descriptions - Initial draft of hardware requirement helpers - Simplify the reportportal plugin test using `yq` - Add dynamic ref support to library type dependency - Remove `epel-8` and `python-3.6` specifics - Use the latest `sphinx-rtd-theme` for docs building - Full `pip install` expected to fail on `Rawhide` - Add missing name attribute to report plugins schema - Add missing arguments in polarion report schema - Extend sufficiently the full test suite duration - Add support for log types to Artemis plugin - Fix `tmt run --follow`, add test coverage for it - Remove the temporary hotfix for deep libraries
2023-07-31 Lukáš Zachar <lzachar at redhat dot com> - 1.26.0 - Do not throw an exception on missing mrack.log - Allow injecting credentials for git clone - Exception in web_link() when node root is missing - Rewrite url in git_clone - Add support for rendering error tracebacks - ReST export plugin should accept --template option - Add `role` to the Beaker provision plugin schema - Fix test checking custom destination for libraries - Create plans to cover individual step features (#2216) - Add cache_property for things that are generated but not often - Simplify public git conversion with a declarative list - Spec-based container becomes generic over input/output specs - Clean up logging in `tmt.utils.create_directory()` - Move test framework code into distinct framework classes - Add template option to polarion report - Group discover/fmf options, improve wording a bit - Record tmt command line in tmt log - Add note about dynamic ref to the plan import spec - Use the `Deprecated` class for deprecated options - Remove `python3-mrack-beaker` from `BuildRequires` - Switch discover/fmf to our field() implementation - Lock the `click` version < 8.1.4 - Refine examples of plans > discover > fmf - Override packit actions for `propose_downstream`
2023-07-10 Lukáš Zachar <lzachar at redhat dot com> - 1.25.0 - Test for pruning needs VM - Internal anonymous git:// access is deprecated - Beakerlibs pruning and merge - Add dynamic ref evaluation support to plan import - Replace self.opt() when looking for debug/verbose/quiet setting - Reimplement the `ReportPortal` plugin using API - Make `Step` class own export of step data (#2040) - Make relevancy/coverage linters to not re-read fmf files - Add a single `tmpdir` fixture for all Python versions - Replace named tuples with data classes - Replace `/` in safe name, and fix prepare step to use safe names - Do not export fmf id's ref when it's the default branch - Move the sync libraries into a separate section - Allow running next plan in queue when one fails to complete - Fix a too strict check for the detected library - Convert provision plugins' step data to our field implementation - Convert execute plugins to `tmt.utils.field()` for options - Cache that beakerlib/library repo is missing - Use code-block directive for examples and code blocks - Add the `show()` method for guest data packages - Turn fmf context into a fancy dict - Enable ruff checks for mutable dataclass field defaults - Create option metavar from listed choices - Document how to modify imported plans - Recommend needs a different option for `dnf5` - Ask ruff to show what it fixed - Bumps supported Artemis API to 0.0.58 - Use `--version` to gather the package_manager fact - Use f-strings where possible - Bump pre-commit hooks to latest version - Fix ruff RUF010: Use f-strings conversion flags - Fix py<38 mypy type:ignore being on wrong line - Move isort to ruff - Enable passing Pylint checks - Fix ruff RSE102: Unnecessary parentheses on exception - Fix ruff PIE: flake8-pie errors - Remove duplicates from ruff rules selection - Fix ruff SIM: flake8-simplify errors - Fix ruff RET: flake8-return errors - Fix ruff PT: flake8-pytest-style errors - Fix ruff UP: pyupgrade errors - Fix ruff N: pep8-naming errors - Fix ruff RUF005: collection-literal-concatenation - Fix ruff B: flake8-bugbear errors - Fix flake8 C405: unnecessary literal set - Fix flake8 C401: unnecessary generator set - Fix flake8 C416: unnecessary comprehension - Fix flake8 C408: unnecessary collection calls - Polarion report set to UTC timezone - Add `Organize Data` as a new tmt guide chapter - Fix emptiness check of /var/tmp/tmt in /tests/status/base - Allow modification of imported plans - Raise error if malformed test metadata is given - Ensure test with empty custom results ends as an ERROR - Fix /tests/status/base when /var/tmp/tmt is empty - Remove `pytest.ini` from the `Makefile` targets - Bad source path for local libraries file require - Remove useless loop.cycle() from the HTML report - Implement basic filtering for the HTML report - Cleanup of "logging function" types - Do not patch verbosity in discover for --fmf-id - Drop enum from HW hypervisor and boot method constraints - Fix enforcement of workdir root in full workdir root test - Narrow type of file & library dependencies - Make web-link test play nicely with custom SSH host config - Use serialization callbacks for last script fields - Save click context in click context object - Add the `envvar` argument to `utils.field()` - Improve structure of the packit config a bit - Update release instructions with simplified steps - Sync changelog when creating downstream release
2023-06-09 Petr Šplíchal <psplicha at redhat dot com> - 1.24.1-1 - Revert the `Source0` url to the original value - Use correct url for the release archive, fix docs
2023-06-07 Petr Šplíchal <psplicha at redhat dot com> - 1.24.0-1 - Do not display guest facts when showing a plan - Add new guide/summary for multihost testing - Define a "plugin registry" class - Hide `facts` in the `virtual` provision plugin - Cache resolved linters - Improve documentation of lint checks (#2089) - A custom wrapper for options instead of click.option() - Identify incorrect subcommand after a correct one - Remove one extra space between @ and decorator name - Assign envvars to Polarion report arguments - Expose "key address" to normalization callbacks (#1869) - Move export of special test/plan/story fields to their respective classes - Expose guest topology to tests and scripts (#2072) - Enable building downstream release using Packit - Add sections for environment variable groups - Add default envvar to plugin options - Load env TMT_WORKDIR_ROOT when running tmt status (#2087) - Opportunistically use "selectable" entry_points. - Explicitly convert tmpdir to str in test_utils.py. - Move pytest.ini contents to pyproject.toml. - Rename Require* classes to Dependency* (#2099) - Expose fmf ID of tests in results - Use the `tmt-lint` pre-commit hook - Turn finish step implementation to queue-based one (#2110) - Convert base classes to data classes (#2080) - Crashed prepare and execute steps propagate all causes - Support exceptions with multiple causes - Make "needs sudo" a guest fact (#2096) - Test data path must use safe guest/test names - Support for multi case import from Polarion and Polarion as only source (#2084) - Fix search function in docs - Make tmt test wrapper name unique to avoid race conditions - Change link-polarion argument default to false - Add export plugin for JSON (#2058) - Handle el6 as a legacy os too in virtual provision - Hint beakerlib is old when result parsing fails - Revert "Fix dry mode handling when running a remote plan" - Set a new dict instance to the Plan class - Replaces "common" object with logger in method hint logging - Parallelize prepare and execute steps - Formalizing guest "facts" storage - Support urllib3 2.x and its allowed_methods/method_whitelist - Require setuptools
2023-05-11 Lukáš Zachar <lzachar at redhat dot com> - 1.23.0-1 - Add `Artemis` to the `provision` documentation - Add artemis's user defined watchdog specification - Add support for require of files and directories - Expose test serial number as an environment variable - Print only failed objects when linting in hook - Refactored metadata linting - Request newer os image and python version for docs - Explore all available plugins only once - Add test start/end timestamps into results - Implement `deprecated` for obsoleted options - Unify results examples in test and plan specification - Convert gitlab private namespace into dist-git url - Shorter Nitrate summary name - Correct the path of Ansible playbook - Refactor logging during plugin discovery, using tmt's logging - Improve names and docs around CLI context in Common classes - Fix ruamel.yaml type waivers that mypy sometimes ignores - Drop some no longer valid TODO comments - Replace '--t' by '-t' when creating a new plan with template - Add a new cpu property `flag` to the hardware spec - Fix duplicate export for Polarion hyperlinks - Option to list locally cached images for testcloud - Log out testcloud version in virtual provision - Use yq instead of grep when testing YAML content - Don't use specific addresses in virtual provision - Polish workdir pruning - pathlib transition & logging - Support for fuzzy matching subcommand - Add new link relation `test-script` definition - Remove `group` from the `multihost` specification - Move "show exception" code to utils - Add missing support for 0.0.55 and 0.0.48 API - Add type annotations to tmt.steps.STEPS/ACTIONS - Support logging "topics" to allow lower unnecessary verbosity - Add support for right-padding of logging labels - Move tools config to `pyproject.toml`, add Ruff - Example to parametrize test selection via envars - Merge run_command() and _run_command() into Command.run() - Install beakerlib into images used in test/full - Don't run `ShellCheck` on tests & decrease severity - Support multiline strings for option help texts - Fix tests run only in full testsuite
2023-04-14 Petr Šplíchal <psplicha at redhat dot com> - 1.22.0-1 - Change help text of the `tmt --root` option - Add support for `results.json` in custom results - Proper support for the test `duration` format - Prepend '/' to custom test result name if missing - Document necessary packages for pip install on Ubuntu - Tag cloud resources to `tmt` in Testing Farm - Display guest multihost name even in dry run (#1982) - Pass the `arch` option to the Beaker provider - Use `job-id` instead of `guestname` in Beaker class - Adjust the fix for the default branch handling - Add support to get `ref` under the git worktree - Fix dry mode handling when running a remote plan - Enable the external `polarion` plugin tests - Extract "run a command" functionality into a stand-alone helper - Increase minimal severity of `ShellCheck` defects - Display guest full name in `display` plugin report - Push using `sudo rsync` when necessary - Avoid warning from installing tmt as pre-commit - Add test checking repeated test execution results - Freeze the `yq` version to fix `el8` installation - Update the `CODEOWNERS` file with more granularity - Document current workaround for running scripts - Install `beakerlib` before the `ShellCheck` - Rename `Guest.full_name` to `Guest.multihost_name` - Display guest full name in `html` plugin report - Add test for template-based export plugin - Add `kickstart` to the `artemis` provision plugin - Extract just tar files in dist-git-source - Add missing fields to custom results test - Add shell linter `Differential ShellCheck` - Always try to run dhclient in cloud-init in virtual provision - Fix polarion report pruning and add or fix arguments - Run `chcon` only if SELinux fs supported - Require `beaker` provision in `tmt-all` - Adjust the new `mrack` plugin spec, test and plan - Add `beaker` provision plugin using `mrack` - Adjust pip install to always upgrade to the latest - Move `testcloud` url guessing logic out of `tmt` - Hotfix Ubuntu with virtual provision - Detect correct category when export to nitrate - Add an entrypoint for interactive `tmt` sessions - Fix internal handling of the `where` key - Move logging labels to the beginning of lines - Refactor CLI error reporting to improve readability - Remove no longer needed cast around our custom Click context - Display guest full name when showing its details - Add `kickstart` section as a new specification key - Add more controls for output colorization - Rephrase `results.yaml` documentation and examples - Fix `get_bootstrap_logger` name and docstring typo - Expose guest info in results - Enable `root` login and disable default `core` for rhcos - Sanitize plan/test/story names before filtering - Set default user `core` for rhcos in testcloud - Remove no longer used "err" parameter of logging methods - testcloud: Raise default limits - Update log key content of results.yaml examples (#1834) - Include guest name in execute phase data paths - Adds "bootstrap logger" for logging before CLI options are recognized (#1839) - Export `TMT_TEST_NAME` and `TMT_TEST_METADATA` (#1888) - List supported operators in hardware requirement docs (#1867) - Build tmt usable in inner guests for tests/full - Target test-complement for tests/full - Tag tests which are affected by how=full - Use PROVISION_METHODS in tests - Report individual test results in tests/full - Use Require* classes for collection & installation of plugin requirements (#1766) - Disable tracebacks if default branch is not found - Assign a data path and serial number to each test in discover (#1876) - Convert log path for results:custom - Allow report result for itself in results:custom - Support to import Makefile having '\\\n' - Require `pylero` for the `polarion` subpackage - Fix forgotten guest when Artemis provisioning times out - Turn `tests.yaml` into a list of tests - Simplify the `Result` class implementation - Use `Path` instead of `os.path` in export code - Use `Path` when working with logfile path - Fix use of old `os.path.symlink()` in discover/shell - Add /root/.local/bin to PATH on Centos Stream 8 in CI - Install jq/yq for more readable tests in tmt test suite - Fix Common class ignoring other branches of multiple inheritance tree - Use Path instead of os.path in prepare/install plugin - Convert path-like strings to `pathlib.Path` objects - Change `Plugin.go()` to accept logger and extra environment - Artemis API version may contain multiple integers - Add logging `labels` used for prefixing messages - Adds "full name" guest property for multihost logging
2023-02-03 Lukáš Zachar <lzachar at redhat dot com> - 1.21.0-1 - Fix tmt-reboot without custom command - Fix test /discover/libraries - Add serialization callbacks to data class fields - Use own private key for `provision.virtual` - Adds a template-backed export plugin - Polarion export fix component upload bug and upload id first - Convert story ReST export to use a Jinja2 template - Convert export-related code to plugins per format - Do not clone the whole remote plan in dry mode - Hardcode tmt git URL so test won't fail for PRs - Add py.typed marker for 3rd party type annotations - Fixes isort 5.10.1 installation issue - Improve logging by `tmt.utils.wait()` - Check packages are installed via debuginfo-install - Always ignore failures for recommended packages - Merge report plugins options into step data fields - Dynamically find the current Fedora release - Suggest using a pull request checklist template - Include a simple Python code among the examples - Apply normalization callback when updating data with CLI input - Bump pre-commit linters - Flake8, Mypy, JSON schema, YAML lint & pygrep - Use base implementation of provision plugin requirements - Relay 'interactive' value for podman call - Update Fedora versions in `upgrade` tests - Apply `ShellScript` for the custom reboot command - Update the `shell` discover specification - Enable to sync git repo to SUT in `shell` discover - Increase the default `utils.format()` indent a bit - Define pull request Copr build job in Packit config - Decouple logging from objects and base classes - Enable `url` and `ref` as `shell` discover options - Export `TMT_TREE` in other steps as well - Add a new key `system` to the `hardware` spec - Remove default for the dynamic `ref` evaluation - Schema update and test for order in discover step - Merge report plugins options into step data fields - Add a test for hardware schema coverage - Better type annotations of prepare/install scripts - Move `jinja2` require to the main `tmt` package - Define the new context dimension `initiator` - Respect `TMT_WORKDIR_ROOT` variable in `testcloud` - Annotate commands, command line elements and shell scripts - Adjust the `reportportal` plugin implementation - Implement the `reportportal` report plugin - Require the latest `testcloud` package - Define `srpm_build_deps` in the packit config - Include the new web link in verbose `show` mode - Add a clickable web link to test to polarion export - Enhance `Links` to allow checking for any links at all - Drop various guest `wake()` methods in favor of parent class - Catch `SystemExit` during module discovery
2022-12-08 Lukáš Zachar <lzachar at redhat dot com> - 1.20.0-1 - Do not prune `html` and `junit` reports - Skip extending fmf context if cli context missing - Connect needs is_ready property as well - Cover setup.py with pre-commit Python checks - Do not leak "private" fields into export - Set guest hostname in testcloud provision - Capture provision error when login is used - Support `TMT_WORKDIR_ROOT` environment variable - Support step data definitions carrying CLI options - Adds flake8 coverage for bin/ directory - Prune irrelevant files during the `finish` step - Add junit plugin schema - Support to import empty key from Makefile - Deleting unsed and duplicite part of finish step - Support absolute paths in HTML reports - Capture exceptions when getting `image_url` - Enable verbose output for `provision` & `prepare` - Add support for Artemis v0.0.47 upcoming release - Remove unused variables - Initial support for passing ssh options from cli - Update specification of the `where` multihost key - Add a simple test demonstrating the upgrade testing - Use custom subclass of click.Context for better annotations - Extend the `duration` for tests using containers - Change common class constructors to use keyword arguments only - Make packit build with the next release.dev version - Add basic test coverage for `tmt story export` - Fix export of the story `priority` field - Read source from correct directory if ref is used
2022-11-09 Lukáš Zachar <lzachar at redhat dot com> - 1.19.0-1 - Protect args in rsync call - Set tree root for the default plan tree as well - Properly set the `tmt` script shebang on `rhel-8` - Use image exists to check for container image - Updates docs with example on `adjust` & `prepare+` - Fix test duration enforcement - Skip missing debuginfo packages in `recommend` - Explicitly document extending the plan environment - Fix ownership of a tmp directory propagated to container - Support fetching remote repo for `shell` discover - Fix default `framework`, remove old execution methods - Add support for Artemis v0.0.46 upcoming release - Handle an fmf fetch error in remote plan clone - Do not truncate `RunError` output in verbose mode - Warn user about data erasing after prepare step - Formalize `data` package passed to the `Result` class - Change order of plugin and guest classes in files - Add `compatible` as a new hardware specification key - Add `tpm` as a new hardware specification key - Move the hardware specification into a separate page - Improve fmf-id processing - Add test for TTY state in test environment - Login after each test using the `--test` parameter - Mention version where important features were added - Handle dist-git-sources for gitlab - Fix getting CentOS via --how virtual - Capture uncaught exceptions when using testcloud - Update the overview of essential classes - When following command line --how, do not iterate over step data - Convert utils' Run unit tests to class-less tests - Enable variable expansion for dynamic references - Support beaker libraries as recommended packages - Add `SpecBasedContainer.to_minimal_spec()` method (#1637) - Enable context based plan parametrization - Coverage for tests defined under `discover.shell` - Fix `/tests/run/shell` access permission problem - Add step data classes for provisioning and report - Adjust support for the dynamic `ref` evaluation - Add support for dynamic `ref` evaluation - Add a test for fmf id parsing and normalization - Fix NO_COLOR not being honored by executed command output - Moves common command options into one place - Log full chain of exceptions, not just the first cause - Drop deprecated PluginIndex - Add message to failure tags in junit report - Update the pip installation plan - Remove pointless reimport of tmt.base in discover steps - Do not use f-string as a docstring - Fix use of variable before assignment in `Plan.go` - Fix variable redefinition in `discover/shell.py` - Fix guest distro detection, do not throw results away - Fix a typo in `cpu.sockets` hardware requirement - Make links relative for report html - Review all uses of `type: ignore` and link relevant issues - Enhance ClickOptionDecorator type to announce identity - Update `/tests/execute/upgrade/override` duration - Review all uses of `Any` and link relevant issues - Annotate all `cast()` calls with respective issues - Move the `Result` class into a separate file - Unblock mypy's follow-import setting - Use set comprehension instead of list-in-set sequence - Use `enumerate()` instead of `range(len())` - Use dict comprehension instead of tuple-in-list-in-dict - Replace two more list comprehensions with generators - Replace GeneralError's "origin" with Python's "raise from" - Fix normalization of the `Plan.context` key - Adds a missing import to polarion plugin - Update all linters to their most recent versions - Define CPU HW components with more granularity - Adjust the support for importing remote plans - Add import plan feature and tests - Add type annotations to `base.py` - Fix test depending on ordering of elements in junit XML - Adds type annotations to `tmt` itself - Remove custom yet same implementation of step's show() - Make sure `repo_copy` is gone before `make srpm`



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