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2023-02-03 Lukáš Zachar <lzachar at redhat dot com> - 1.21.0-1 - Fix tmt-reboot without custom command - Fix test /discover/libraries - Add serialization callbacks to data class fields - Use own private key for `provision.virtual` - Adds a template-backed export plugin - Polarion export fix component upload bug and upload id first - Convert story ReST export to use a Jinja2 template - Convert export-related code to plugins per format - Do not clone the whole remote plan in dry mode - Hardcode tmt git URL so test won't fail for PRs - Add py.typed marker for 3rd party type annotations - Fixes isort 5.10.1 installation issue - Improve logging by `tmt.utils.wait()` - Check packages are installed via debuginfo-install - Always ignore failures for recommended packages - Merge report plugins options into step data fields - Dynamically find the current Fedora release - Suggest using a pull request checklist template - Include a simple Python code among the examples - Apply normalization callback when updating data with CLI input - Bump pre-commit linters - Flake8, Mypy, JSON schema, YAML lint & pygrep - Use base implementation of provision plugin requirements - Relay 'interactive' value for podman call - Update Fedora versions in `upgrade` tests - Apply `ShellScript` for the custom reboot command - Update the `shell` discover specification - Enable to sync git repo to SUT in `shell` discover - Increase the default `utils.format()` indent a bit - Define pull request Copr build job in Packit config - Decouple logging from objects and base classes - Enable `url` and `ref` as `shell` discover options - Export `TMT_TREE` in other steps as well - Add a new key `system` to the `hardware` spec - Remove default for the dynamic `ref` evaluation - Schema update and test for order in discover step - Merge report plugins options into step data fields - Add a test for hardware schema coverage - Better type annotations of prepare/install scripts - Move `jinja2` require to the main `tmt` package - Define the new context dimension `initiator` - Respect `TMT_WORKDIR_ROOT` variable in `testcloud` - Annotate commands, command line elements and shell scripts - Adjust the `reportportal` plugin implementation - Implement the `reportportal` report plugin - Require the latest `testcloud` package - Define `srpm_build_deps` in the packit config - Include the new web link in verbose `show` mode - Add a clickable web link to test to polarion export - Enhance `Links` to allow checking for any links at all - Drop various guest `wake()` methods in favor of parent class - Catch `SystemExit` during module discovery
2022-12-08 Lukáš Zachar <lzachar at redhat dot com> - 1.20.0-1 - Do not prune `html` and `junit` reports - Skip extending fmf context if cli context missing - Connect needs is_ready property as well - Cover setup.py with pre-commit Python checks - Do not leak "private" fields into export - Set guest hostname in testcloud provision - Capture provision error when login is used - Support `TMT_WORKDIR_ROOT` environment variable - Support step data definitions carrying CLI options - Adds flake8 coverage for bin/ directory - Prune irrelevant files during the `finish` step - Add junit plugin schema - Support to import empty key from Makefile - Deleting unsed and duplicite part of finish step - Support absolute paths in HTML reports - Capture exceptions when getting `image_url` - Enable verbose output for `provision` & `prepare` - Add support for Artemis v0.0.47 upcoming release - Remove unused variables - Initial support for passing ssh options from cli - Update specification of the `where` multihost key - Add a simple test demonstrating the upgrade testing - Use custom subclass of click.Context for better annotations - Extend the `duration` for tests using containers - Change common class constructors to use keyword arguments only - Make packit build with the next release.dev version - Add basic test coverage for `tmt story export` - Fix export of the story `priority` field - Read source from correct directory if ref is used
2022-11-09 Lukáš Zachar <lzachar at redhat dot com> - 1.19.0-1 - Protect args in rsync call - Set tree root for the default plan tree as well - Properly set the `tmt` script shebang on `rhel-8` - Use image exists to check for container image - Updates docs with example on `adjust` & `prepare+` - Fix test duration enforcement - Skip missing debuginfo packages in `recommend` - Explicitly document extending the plan environment - Fix ownership of a tmp directory propagated to container - Support fetching remote repo for `shell` discover - Fix default `framework`, remove old execution methods - Add support for Artemis v0.0.46 upcoming release - Handle an fmf fetch error in remote plan clone - Do not truncate `RunError` output in verbose mode - Warn user about data erasing after prepare step - Formalize `data` package passed to the `Result` class - Change order of plugin and guest classes in files - Add `compatible` as a new hardware specification key - Add `tpm` as a new hardware specification key - Move the hardware specification into a separate page - Improve fmf-id processing - Add test for TTY state in test environment - Login after each test using the `--test` parameter - Mention version where important features were added - Handle dist-git-sources for gitlab - Fix getting CentOS via --how virtual - Capture uncaught exceptions when using testcloud - Update the overview of essential classes - When following command line --how, do not iterate over step data - Convert utils' Run unit tests to class-less tests - Enable variable expansion for dynamic references - Support beaker libraries as recommended packages - Add `SpecBasedContainer.to_minimal_spec()` method (#1637) - Enable context based plan parametrization - Coverage for tests defined under `discover.shell` - Fix `/tests/run/shell` access permission problem - Add step data classes for provisioning and report - Adjust support for the dynamic `ref` evaluation - Add support for dynamic `ref` evaluation - Add a test for fmf id parsing and normalization - Fix NO_COLOR not being honored by executed command output - Moves common command options into one place - Log full chain of exceptions, not just the first cause - Drop deprecated PluginIndex - Add message to failure tags in junit report - Update the pip installation plan - Remove pointless reimport of tmt.base in discover steps - Do not use f-string as a docstring - Fix use of variable before assignment in `Plan.go` - Fix variable redefinition in `discover/shell.py` - Fix guest distro detection, do not throw results away - Fix a typo in `cpu.sockets` hardware requirement - Make links relative for report html - Review all uses of `type: ignore` and link relevant issues - Enhance ClickOptionDecorator type to announce identity - Update `/tests/execute/upgrade/override` duration - Review all uses of `Any` and link relevant issues - Annotate all `cast()` calls with respective issues - Move the `Result` class into a separate file - Unblock mypy's follow-import setting - Use set comprehension instead of list-in-set sequence - Use `enumerate()` instead of `range(len())` - Use dict comprehension instead of tuple-in-list-in-dict - Replace two more list comprehensions with generators - Replace GeneralError's "origin" with Python's "raise from" - Fix normalization of the `Plan.context` key - Adds a missing import to polarion plugin - Update all linters to their most recent versions - Define CPU HW components with more granularity - Adjust the support for importing remote plans - Add import plan feature and tests - Add type annotations to `base.py` - Fix test depending on ordering of elements in junit XML - Adds type annotations to `tmt` itself - Remove custom yet same implementation of step's show() - Make sure `repo_copy` is gone before `make srpm`
2022-10-10 Petr Šplíchal <psplicha at redhat dot com> - 1.18.0-1 - Fix recommended packages handling for rpm-ostree - Add EFI configuration to the `tmt-reboot` script - Fix adjust for precommit test - Fix provision for coreos image - Emit only non-default keys when constructing a test from `execute` - Add flake8 config file for easier integration with IDEs - Multiple scripts for CLI prepare -h shell - Allow mypy to cover the whole tmt.plugins and tmt.steps - Add typing for `steps/execute/upgrade.py` - Fix name & default value of polarion's upload field - Fixes enhancing of environment by local's guest implementation - Ignore plan -n when searching for upgrade path - Document & correct use of class conversion methods - Print fmf tree location when schema unit test fails - Custom results implementation - Refactors internal link handling and storage - Allow mypy to cover whole tmt.steps.prepare - Add typing for `steps/execute/internal.py` - Use workdir with safe names without special chars - Adjust support for installing remote packages - Support to install package from URL - Make sure short option '-x' is covered - Add Polarion as a source for test case import - Print path to the used ssh identity - Add typing for `steps/prepare/__init__.py` - Use generator instead of list comprehension with any/all - Fixes handling of default of --key in connect plugin - Update test data for the debuginfo install test - Add a helper for importing a member from a module - Fix plan schema to allow custom context dimensions - Allow mypy to cover whole tmt.steps.discover - Remove support for the obsoleted `detach` executor - Add typing for `steps/discover/fmf.py` - Fix importing for pylero - Allow mypy to cover whole tmt.steps.provision - Replace blank "type: ignore" with more specific waivers - Use the `SerializableContainer` for plugins' data - Enhance SerializableContainer with default key value inspection - Moves validation and normalization mixins to utils
2022-09-05 Lukáš Zachar <lzachar at redhat dot com> - 1.17.0-1 - Unify Polarion case searching - Error out if reboot timeout is exceeded - Initialize workdir thread-safe - Add support for remote playbooks in prepare - Add plan schema for errata and minute plugins - Correct rhts command names in stories file - Print escaped command suitable for manual debugging - Fix report plugin not getting arguments from fmf file - Less eager to disable nitrate case during export - Move `tag` and `tier` to common core attributes - Use `/bin/bash` instead of `/bin/sh` for execute - Reorder step and their base plugin classes - Fix prepare/multihost docs to match implementation - Teach schema validation tests to peek into other trees - Clarify motivation for creating `id` during export - Add link-polarion option and fix link searching bug - Ignore race in last-run symlink creation - Fix polarion tcmscaseid search - Force order of clean operations - Convert status/clean argument to option - Report enabled plans/tests/stories via option - Hint user if 'tmt init' creates nested root - Require `libvirt-daemon-config-network` as well - Add type annotation for /steps/prepare/install.py - Encapsulate created file within script's dataclass - Adds normalization layer to base classes based on fmf - Fixes data class used for local guest creation - Fixes Artemis guest data class link - Making tests/full more usable - Add typing for tmt/steps/provision/podman.py - Add typing for tmt/steps/provision/testcloud.py - Add typing for tmt/steps/provision/local.py - Remove unused keys parameter from wake() methods - Adds types describing tmt constructs when as stored in raw fmf data - Typing /steps/provision/connect.py - Allow raising an exception on validation errors - Inject logger object to base node classes inheritance - Fixes use of SSH keys in testcloud and connect plugins - Annotate tmt.steps.provision - Ask mypy to show error codes in its messages - Testcloud expects disk and memory to be int - Do not inherit classes from object - Use keyword-only init in base fmf-backed classes - Use decorator to register plugin methods - Demonstrate inheritance on a virtual test example - Add a simple hint how to write user messages - Add typing for `steps/finish/ansible.py` - Remove unneeded parameters for step load/save (#1428) - Normalize step data to be always stored a list internally - Display test/plan/story name in parametrized schema tests - Allow numbers and booleans to be values of environment - Give a reasonable error for old data format - Add typing for tmt/steps/finish/__init__.py - add typing for steps/discover/shell.py - Adds a fmf node validation layer to core classes (Test/Plan/Story) - Add missing keys `role` and `where` to schemas - Extend plan schema with all known step plugin schemas - Correcting rhts aliases & adding rhts opt. - Adds a generic "wait for condition" primitive - Disallow push/pull/execute if guest is unavailable - Rename "default how" step attribute to enhance its visibility - Use textwrap.dedent() to unindent docstrings
2022-08-03 Lukáš Zachar <lzachar at redhat dot com> - 1.16.0-1 - Reboot has to check for boot time - Fix path inside pre-commit test - Cut circular dependency of libraries - Update 'Develop' section of contribution docs - Precommit hooks to call tmt * lint - Schema loading helpers - Package schemas in subdirectories too - Implement reboot reconnect timeout configuration - Add missing report specifications/docs - Print result for execute -v - Correct import assumption about script - Ask mypy to check whole tmt.steps.report package - Fixing the directory name escaping in 'cd' command - Add polarion report plugin - Add schemas for plans - Write extra-nitrate as soon as possible - Retry git clone without --depth=1 if it failed - Support to lint attribute 'id' - Do not apply test command filter in upgrade - Fix export.py typing issues - Refactor location and signature of Phase's go() method - Simplify abort handling - Backwards compatibility for rstrnt-abort - Add type annotations for tmt/cli.py - Add typing for tmt/export.py - add typing for steps/discover/__init__.py - Convert guest implementations to use serializable container for load/save - Detect plugins by entry_point as well - Add typing for `steps/execute/__init__.py` - Add typing for `tmt/convert.py` - Remove duplicated dist-git-source/dist-git-type - Add typing for `steps/report/junit.py` - Add typing for `steps/report/html.py` - add typing for steps/report/display.py - Add typing for steps/report/__init__.py - tmt-file-submit is a bash script - Add type annotations for tmt/options.py - Backwards compatibility for `rstrnt-report-log` - Support conditional requires with `pip` as well - Remove duplicated short option in tmt lint - Adjust the `rstrnt-report-result` implementation - Backwards compatibility for `rstrnt-report-result` - Set the `1777` permision for `/var/tmp/tmt` - Adjust the fix for the `rpm-ostree` intallation - Fix package installation using `rpm-ostree` - Handle empty fmf file as an empty dictionary - Fix distgit testsuite after tmt packaging change
2022-07-02 Lukáš Zachar <lzachar at redhat dot com> - 1.15.0-1 - Require fresh testcloud with coreos support - Bad substitution in tmt-reboot - Ignore "certificate verify failed" error when handling retries - Cache content of each loaded environment file - Initial polarion support for test export - Fixes names of Artemis API versions - Convert FmfIdType from TypedDict to a dataclass - Add CoreOS support to the testcloud provision - Run containers with root user - Retry getting environment file - Test import --general is default now - Add typing for steps/finish/shell.py - Enhance tmt.utils.retry_session with timeout support - Adjust the `rpm-ostree` install implementation - Add support for the `rpm-ostree` package manager - Add `environment-file` to possible Plan keys - Avoid Library url conflict if repo doesn't exist - Check changes are pushed before export nitrate - Add typing for beakerlib.py - Unbundle template from the report.html plugin - Rename `uuid` to `identifier` to prevent conflicts - Use `must` for all mandatory spec requirements - Fail import for packages starting with minus sign - Adds support for newer Artemis API versions - Disable the extra verbose progress in testcloud - Refactor internal executor scripts - Adds "missing" imports to help IDEs follow objects - Add typing for steps/__init__.py - Implement the test `result` attribute - Add typing for plugins/__init__.py - Detect legacy relevancy during import as well - Implement the new user story key `priority` - Implement new class `SerializableContainer` - Add schema for stories - Add typing for steps/prepare/shell.py - Add typing for steps/prepare/ansible.py - Require fmf >= 1.1.0 (we need validation support) - Package fmf root into the source tarball as well - Add JSON Schema for tests - Exclude namespaced backup in beakerlib - Use --depth=1 when cloning git repos by default - Handle missing nitrate user during export - Removes unused GuestContainer.container_id attribute - Every subpackage must require the main tmt package - Introduce dataclasses as a requirement - Avoid re-using image/instance for different values by testcloud plugin - Add typing for multihost.py - Except nitrate xmlrpc issues during import - Exclude beakerlib's backup dir from guest.pull() - Increase `duration` for the reboot-related tests - Several release-related tests and docs adjustments
2022-06-06 Petr Šplíchal <psplicha at redhat dot com> - 1.14.0-1 - Command 'tmt clean' should not run rsync at all - Dist-git-source for Discover (fmf, shell) - Adjust the new `id` key implementation - Add a new core key `id` for unique identifiers - Recommend qemu emulators for other architectures - Copy the whole git repo only if necessary - Reveal hidden errors during `testcloud` booting - Use time for timeout handling in Guest.reconnect() - Split `Guest` class to separate SSH-capable guests - Explicitly set the docs language in the config - Kill the running test when rebooting - Extend the reboot timeout to allow system upgrades - Allow selecting tasks directly from upgrade config - Adjust the new `upgrade` execute plugin - Allow specifying command for reboot - Implement upgrade execute plugin - Buildrequire python3-docutils, append plan adjust - Implement `tmt tests export --nitrate --link-runs` - Detect component from general plan during import - Adjust the support for steps in standalone mode - Add results method to ExecutePlugin - Implement a common ancestor for Action and Plugin - Allow abstractly excluding steps from runs - Correctly handle tests --name '.' shortcut - Rename WorkdirType to WorkdirArgumentType - Fix workdir parameter type for tmt.utils.Common - Allows importing jira issues as link-relates - Enables mypy coverage for empty-ish Python files - Adds type annotations to tmt.templates - Prevent infinite recursion if --id is set - Enable mypy check for Artemis provision plugin - Adjust provision dry mode propagation, add a test - Introduce new _options attribute to Common class - Add specification for remote plans referencing - Bootstrap type annotations - Execute script should not be used with discover - Add the `arch` key to the hardware specification - Fix pip install instructions - Disable network access when building in copr - Ignore list for dist-git-source - Remove the obsoleted `detach` execute method - Fix login during `execute` and `prepare` step - Import from Makefile with missing build target
2022-05-02 Petr Šplíchal <psplicha at redhat dot com> - 1.13.0-1 - Add multiarch support to testcloud provision - Consistent summary for test export --nitrate - Allow dry mode for tests export --nitrate - Add a nice provisioning progress to Artemis plugin - Add support for the `where` keyword to `execute` - Adjust support for export of multiple tests - Add support for exporting multiple tests - Basic multihost test for the httpd web server - Update multihost specification with guest groups - Add a provision plugin for Artemis - Fix exclude option in fmf discover - Reduce the number of execute calls for reboot - Add support for reboot in interactive mode
2022-04-04 Petr Šplíchal <psplicha at redhat dot com> - 1.12.0-1 - Add a command to setup shell completions - Use /tmp instead of /run/user/ if not available - Use separate examples in the test specification - Add more story examples, simplify examples export - Story.example can hold list of strings - Fix traceback when connect plugin is used without hostname. - Adjust disabled shell expansion in Common.run() - Disable shell expansion in Common.run() by default - Build `epel9` packages, update install docs - Adjust the full test wrapper and document it - Test which compiles tmt and runs its testsuite - Add --exclude search option - Correct regex for require read from metadata file - Update document for creating virtual environment - Option to export fmf-id from run discover -h fmf - Allow import from restraint's metadata file (#1043) - Do not disable building for power arch on Fedora - Update documentation for plan parametrization - Make .vscode ignored by git - Drops basestring and unicode built-ins from utils - Fix timeout behaviour in testcloud plugin - Fixes possible test of None-ish CWD when running a command - Remove workdir only when its defined - Adjust the new `tmt plan export` feature - New feature: tmt plan export


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