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Date Author Change
2023-07-25 Yaakov Selkowitz <yselkowi at redhat dot com> - 1.9.14-1.p3 - Rebase to 1.9.14p3 - sudo-1_9_14p2 is available Resolves: rhbz#2175672 - sudo fails to build with Python 3.12: FAILED: testcase check_example_group_plugin_is_able_to_debug() Resolves: rhbz#2186412
2023-07-22 Fedora Release Engineering <releng at fedoraproject dot org> - 1.9.13-6.p2 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_39_Mass_Rebuild
2023-07-06 Leigh Scott <leigh123linux at gmail dot com> - 1.9.13-5.p2 - Rebuilt for Python 3.12
2023-06-20 Radovan Sroka <rsroka at redhat dot com> - 1.9.13-4.p2 - migrated to SPDX license
2023-06-13 Python Maint <python dash maint at redhat dot com> - 1.9.13-3.p2 - Rebuilt for Python 3.12
2023-04-26 Florian Weimer <fweimer at redhat dot com> - 1.9.13-2.p2 - Port configure script to C99
2023-03-01 Radovan Sroka <rsroka at redhat dot com> - 1.9.13-1.p2 - Rebase to sudo 1.9.13p2 - sudo-1.9.13p2 is available Resolves: rhbz#2169840 - sudo: double free with per-command chroot sudoers rules Resolves: CVE-2023-27320
2023-01-19 Radovan Sroka <rsroka at redhat dot com> - 1.9.12-1.p2 - Rebase to sudo 1.9.12p2 - sudo-1.9.12p2 is available Resolves: rhbz#2137775 - sudo: arbitrary file write with privileges of the RunAs user Resolves: CVE-2023-22809
2022-07-23 Fedora Release Engineering <releng at fedoraproject dot org> - 1.9.11-4.p3 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_37_Mass_Rebuild
2022-06-22 Radovan Sroka <rsroka at redhat dot com> - 1.9.11-3.p3 - Update to 1.9.11p3


  • sudo = 1.9.14-1.p3.fc39


  • sudo-devel
  • sudo-devel(x86-64)


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