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rhsm-icons-4-1.fc37 in Fedora 37

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2022-07-27 Jiri Hnidek <jhnidek at redhat dot com> 4-1 * Tue Jul 26 2022 Jiri Hnidek <jhnidek@redhat.com> 3-1 - Translated using Weblate (Korean) (simmon@nplob.com) - test: drop unused reference-image file (ptoscano@redhat.com) - Drop the static npm-shrinkwrap.json (ptoscano@redhat.com) - Bump cockpit test API to 273 + run-tests scheduler fix (martin@piware.de) - spec: suggest insights-client on RHEL (ptoscano@redhat.com) - tito: remove autogenerated spec file before tagging (ptoscano@redhat.com)
2022-06-24 Jiri Hnidek <jhnidek at redhat dot com> 2-1 - New package built with tito - New pattern of versioning. Starting version is 2


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