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snapd-2.58.3-2.fc39 in Fedora 39

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2023-07-22 Fedora Release Engineering <releng at fedoraproject dot org> - 2.58.3-2 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_39_Mass_Rebuild
2023-02-25 Maciek Borzecki <maciek dot borzecki at gmail dot com> - 2.58.3-1 - Releate 2.58.3 to Fedora RHBZ#2173056
2023-02-21 Michael Vogt <michael dot vogt at ubuntu dot com> - New upstream release 2.58.3 - interfaces/screen-inhibit-control: Add support for xfce-power- manager - interfaces/network-manager: do not show ptrace read denials - interfaces: relax rules for mount-control `what` for functionfs - cmd/snap-bootstrap: add support for snapd_system_disk - interfaces/modem-manager: add net_admin capability - interfaces/network-manager: add permission for OpenVPN - httputil: fix checking x509 certification error on go 1.20 - i/b/fwupd: allow reading host os-release - boot: on classic+modes `MarkBootSuccessfull` does not need a base - boot: do not include `base=` in modeenv for classic+modes installs - tests: add spread test that validates revert on boot for core does not happen on classic+modes - snapstate: only take boot participants into account in UpdateBootRevisions - snapstate: refactor UpdateBootRevisions() to make it easier to check for boot.SnapTypeParticipatesInBoot()
2023-01-25 Michael Vogt <michael dot vogt at ubuntu dot com> - New upstream release 2.58.2 - bootloader: fix dirty build by hardcoding copyright year
2023-01-23 Michael Vogt <michael dot vogt at ubuntu dot com> - New upstream release 2.58.1 - secboot: detect lockout mode in CheckTPMKeySealingSupported - cmd/snap-update-ns: prevent keeping unneeded mountpoints - o/snapstate: do not infinitely retry when an update fails during seeding - interfaces/modem-manager: add permissions for NETLINK_ROUTE - systemd/emulation.go: use `systemctl --root` to enable/disable - snap: provide more error context in `NotSnapError` - interfaces: add read access to /run for cryptsetup - boot: avoid reboot loop if there is a bad try kernel - devicestate: retry serial acquire on time based certificate errors - o/devicestate: run systemctl daemon-reload after install-device hook - cmd/snap,daemon: add 'held' to notes in 'snap list' - o/snapshotstate: check snapshots are self-contained on import - cmd/snap: show user+gating hold info in 'snap info' - daemon: expose user and gating holds at /v2/snaps/{name}
2023-01-21 Fedora Release Engineering <releng at fedoraproject dot org> - 2.57.6-3 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_38_Mass_Rebuild
2022-12-16 Maciek Borzecki <maciek dot borzecki at gmail dot com> - 2.57.6-2 - Fix for RHBZ#2152903
2022-12-01 Michael Vogt <michael dot vogt at ubuntu dot com> - New upstream release 2.58 - many: Use /tmp/snap-private-tmp for per-snap private tmps - data: Add systemd-tmpfiles configuration to create private tmp dir - cmd/snap: test allowed and forbidden refresh hold values - cmd/snap: be more consistent in --hold help and err messages - cmd/snap: error on refresh holds that are negative or too short - o/homedirs: make sure we do not write to /var on build time - image: make sure file customizations happen also when we have defaultscause - tests/fde-on-classic: set ubuntu-seed label in seed partitions - gadget: system-seed-null should also have fs label ubuntu-seed - many: gadget.HasRole, ubuntu-seed can come also from system-seed- null - o/devicestate: fix paths for retrieving recovery key on classic - cmd/snap-confine: do not discard const qualifier - interfaces: allow python3.10+ in the default template - o/restart: fix PendingForSystemRestart - interfaces: allow wayland slot snaps to access shm files created by Firefox - o/assertstate: add Sequence() to val set tracking - o/assertstate: set val set 'Current' to pinned sequence - tests: tweak the libvirt interface test to work on 22.10 - tests: use system-seed-null role on classic with modes tests - boot: add directory for data on install - o/devicestate: change some names from esp to seed/seed-null - gadget: add system-seed-null role - o/devicestate: really add error to new error message - restart,snapstate: implement reboot-required notifications on classic - many: avoid automatic system restarts on classic through new overlord/restart logic - release: Fix WSL detection in LXD - o/state: introduce WaitStatus - interfaces: Fix desktop interface rules for document portal - client: remove classic check for `snap recovery --show- keys` - many: create snapd.mounts targets to schedule mount units - image: enable sysfs overlay for UC preseeding - i/b/network-control: add permissions for using AF_XDP - i/apparmor: move mocking of home and overlay conditions to osutil - tests/main/degraded: ignore man-db update failures in CentOS - cmd/snap: fix panic when running snap w/ flag but w/o subcommand - tests: save snaps generated during image preaparation - tests: skip building snapd based on new env var - client: remove misleading comments in ValidateApplyOptions - boot/seal: add debug traces for bootchains - bootloader/assets: fix grub.cfg when there are no labels - cmd/snap: improve refresh hold's output - packaging: enable BPF in RHEL9 - packaging: do not traverse filesystems in postrm script - tests: get microk8s from another branch - bootloader: do not specify Core version in grub entry - many: refresh --hold follow-up - many: support refresh hold/unhold to API and CLI - many: expand fully handling links mapping in all components, in the API and in snap info - snap/system_usernames,tests: Azure IoT Edge system usernames - interface: Allow access to org.freedesktop.DBus.ListActivatableNames via system-observe interface - o/devicestate,daemon: use the expiration date from the assertion in user-state and REST api (user-removal 4/n) - gadget: add unit tests for new install functions for FDE on classic - cmd/snap-seccomp: fix typo in AF_XDP value - tests/connected-after-reboot-revert: run also on UC16 - kvm: allow read of AMD-SEV parameters - data: tweak apt integration config var - o/c/configcore: add faillock configuration - tests: use dbus-daemon instead of dbus-launch - packaging: remove unclean debian-sid patch - asserts: add keyword 'user-presence' keyword in system-user assertion (auto-removal 3/n) - interfaces: steam-support allow pivot /run/media and /etc/nvidia mount - aspects: initial code - overlord: process auto-import assertion at first boot - release, snapd-apparmor, syscheck: distinguish WSL1 and WSL2 - tests: fix lxd-mount-units in ubuntu kinetic - tests: new variable used to configure the kernel command line in nested tests - go.mod: update to newer secboot/uc22 branch - autopkgtests: fix running autopkgtest on kinetic - tests: remove squashfs leftovers in fakeinstaller - tests: create partition table in fakeinstaller - o/ifacestate: introduce DebugAutoConnectCheck hook - tests: use test-snapd-swtpm instead of swtpm-mvo snap in nested helper - interfaces/polkit: do not require polkit directory if no file is needed - o/snapstate: be consistent not creating per-snap save dirs for classic models - inhibit: use hintFile() - tests: use `snap prepare-image` in fde-on-classic mk-image.sh - interfaces: add microceph interface - seccomp: allow opening XDP sockets - interfaces: allow access to icon subdirectories - tests: add minimal-smoke test for UC22 and increase minimal RAM - overlord: introduce hold levels in the snapstate.Hold* API - o/devicestate: support mounting ubuntu-save also on classic with modes - interfaces: steam-support allow additional mounts - fakeinstaller: format SystemDetails result with %+v - cmd/libsnap-confine-private: do not panic on chmod failure - tests: ensure that fakeinstaller put the seed into the right place - many: add stub services for prompting - tests: add libfwupd and libfwupdplugin5 to openSUSE dependencies - o/snapstate: fix snaps-hold pruning/reset in the presence of system holding - many: add support for setting up encryption from installer - many: support classic snaps in the context of classic and extended models - cmd/snap,daemon: allow zero values from client to daemon for journal rate limit - boot,o/devicestate: extend HasFDESetupHook to consider unrelated kernels - cmd/snap: validation set refresh-enforce CLI support + spread test - many: fix filenames written in modeenv for base/gadget plus drive- by TODO - seed: fix seed test to use a pseudo-random byte sequence - cmd/snap-confine: remove setuid calls from cgroup init code - boot,o/devicestate: introduce and use MakeRunnableStandaloneSystem - devicestate,boot,tests: make `fakeinstaller` test work - store: send Snap-Device-Location header with cloud information - overlord: fix unit tests after merging master in - o/auth: move HasUserExpired into UserState and name it HasExpired, and add unit tests for this - o/auth: rename NewUserData to NewUserParams - many: implementation of finish install step handlers - overlord: auto-resolve validation set enforcement constraints - i/backends,o/ifacestate: cleanup backends.All - cmd/snap-confine: move bind-mount setup into separate function - tests/main/mount-ns: update namespace for 18.04 - o/state: Hold pseudo-error for explicit holding, concept of pending changes in prune logic - many: support extended classic models that omit kernel/gadget - data/selinux: allow snapd to detect WSL - overlord: add code to remove users that has an expiration date set - wrappers,snap/quota: clear LogsDirectory= in the service unit for journal namespaces - daemon: move user add, remove operations to overlord device state - gadget: implement write content from gadget information - {device,snap}state: fix ineffectual assignments - daemon: support validation set refresh+enforce in API - many: rename AddAffected* to RegisterAffected*, add Change|State.Has, fix a comment - many: reset store session when setting proxy.store - overlord/ifacestate: fix conflict detection of auto-connection - interfaces: added read/write access to /proc/self/coredump_filter for process-control - interfaces: add read access to /proc/cgroups and /proc/sys/vm/swappiness to system-observe - fde: run fde-reveal-key with `DefaultDependencies=no` - many: don't concatenate non-constant format strings - o/devicestate: fix non-compiling test - release, snapd-apparmor: fixed outdated WSL detection - many: add todos discussed in the review in tests/nested/manual/fde-on-classic, snapstate cleanups - overlord: run install-device hook during factory reset - i/b/mount-control: add optional `/` to umount rules - gadget/install: split Run in several functions - o/devicestate: refactor some methods as preparation for install steps implementation - tests: fix how snaps are cached in uc22 - tests/main/cgroup-tracking-failure: fix rare failure in Xenial and Bionic - many: make {Install,Initramfs}{{,Host},Writable}Dir a function - tests/nested/manual/core20: fix manual test after changes to 'tests.nested exec' - tests: move the unit tests system to 22.04 in github actions workflow - tests: fix nested errors uc20 - boot: rewrite switch in SnapTypeParticipatesInBoot() - gadget: refactor to allow usage from the installer - overlord/devicestate: support for mounting ubuntu-save before the install-device hook - many: allow to install/update kernels/gadgets on classic with modes - tests: fix issues related to dbus session and localtime in uc18 - many: support home dirs located deeper under /home - many: refactor tests to use explicit strings instead of boot.Install{Initramfs,Host}{Writable,FDEData}Dir - boot: add factory-reset cases for boot-flags - tests: disable quota tests on arm devices using ubuntu core - tests: fix unbound SPREAD_PATH variable on nested debug session - overlord: start turning restart into a full state manager - boot: apply boot logic also for classic with modes boot snaps - tests: fix snap-env test on debug section when no var files were created - overlord,daemon: allow returning errors when requesting a restart - interfaces: login-session-control: add further D-Bus interfaces - snapdenv: added wsl to userAgent - o/snapstate: support running multiple ops transactionally - store: use typed valset keys in store package - daemon: add `ensureStateSoon()` when calling systems POST api - gadget: add rules for validating classic with modes gadget.yaml files - wrappers: journal namespaces did not honor journal.persistent - many: stub devicestate.Install{Finish,SetupStorageEncryption}() - sandbox/cgroup: don't check V1 cgroup if V2 is active - seed: add support to load auto import assertion - tests: fix preseed tests for arm systems - include/lk: update LK recovery environment definition to include device lock state used by bootloader - daemon: return `storage-encryption` in /systems/<label> reply - tests: start using remote tools from snapd-testing-tools project in nested tests - tests: fix non mountable filesystem error in interfaces-udisks2 - client: clarify what InstallStep{SetupStorageEncryption,Finish} do - client: prepare InstallSystemOptions for real use - usersession: Remove duplicated struct - o/snapstate: support specific revisions in UpdateMany/InstallMany - i/b/system_packages_doc: restore access to Libreoffice documentation - snap/quota,wrappers: allow using 0 values for the journal rate limit - tests: add kinetic images to the gce bucket for preseed test - multiple: clear up naming convention for thread quota - daemon: implement stub `"action": "install"` - tests/main/snap-quota-{install/journal}: fix unstable spread tests - tests: remove code for old systems not supported anymore - tests: third part of the nested helper cleanup - image: clean snapd mount after preseeding - tests: use the new ubuntu kinetic image - i/b/system_observe: honour root dir when checking for /boot/config-* - tests: restore microk8s test on 16.04 - tests: run spread tests on arm64 instances in google cloud - tests: skip interfaces-udisks2 in fedora - asserts,boot,secboot: switch to a secboot version measuring classic - client: add API for GET /systems/<label> - overlord: frontend for --quota-group support (2/2) - daemon: add GET support for `/systems/<seed-label>` - i/b/system-observe: allow reading processes security label - many: support '--purge' when removing multiple snaps - snap-confine: remove obsolete code - interfaces: rework logic of unclashMountEntries - data/systemd/Makefile: add comment warning about "snapd." prefix - interfaces: grant access to speech-dispatcher socket (bug 1787245) - overlord/servicestate: disallow removal of quota group with any limits set - data: include snapd/mounts in preseeded blob - many: Set SNAPD_APPARMOR_REEXEC=1 - store/tooling,tests: support UBUNTU_STORE_URL override env var - multiple: clear up naming convention for cpu-set quota - tests: improve and standardize debug section on tests - device: add new DeviceManager.encryptionSupportInfo() - tests: check snap download with snapcraft v7+ export-login auth data - cmd/snap-bootstrap: changes to be able to boot classic rootfs - tests: fix debug section for test uc20-create-partitions - overlord: --quota-group support (1/2) - asserts,cmd/snap-repair: drop not pursued AuthorityDelegation/signatory-id - snap-bootstrap: add CVM mode* snap-bootstrap: add classic runmode - interfaces: make polkit implicit on core if /usr/libexec/polkitd exists - multiple: move arguments for auth.NewUser into a struct (auto- removal 1/n) - overlord: track security profiles for non-active snaps - tests: remove NESTED_IMAGE_ID from nested manual tests - tests: add extra space to ubuntu bionic - store/tooling: support using snapcraft v7+ base64-encoded auth data - overlord: allow seeding in the case of classic with modes system - packaging/*/tests/integrationtests: reload ssh.service, not sshd.service - tests: rework snap-logs-journal test and add missing cleanup - tests: add spread test for journal quotas - tests: run spread tests in ubuntu kinetic - o/snapstate: extend support for holding refreshes - devicestate: return an error in checkEncryption() if KernelInfo fails - tests: fix sbuild test on debian sid - o/devicestate: do not run tests in this folder twice - sandbox/apparmor: remove duplicate hook into testing package - many: refactor store code to be able to use simpler form of auth creds - snap,store: drop support/consideration for anonymous download urls - data/selinux: allow snaps to read certificates - many: add Is{Core,Classic}Boot() to DeviceContext - o/assertstate: don't refresh enforced validation sets during check - go.mod: replace maze.io/x/crypto with local repo - many: fix unnecessary use of fmt.Sprintf - bootloader,systemd: fix `don't use Yoda conditions (ST1017)` - HACKING.md: extend guidelines with common review comments - many: progress bars should use the overridable stdouts - tests: remove ubuntu 21.10 from sru validation - tests: import remote tools - daemon,usersession: switch from HeaderMap to Header in tests - asserts: add some missing `c.Check()` in the asserts test - strutil: fix VersionCompare() to allow multiple `-` in the version - testutil: remove unneeded `fmt.Sprintf` - boot: remove some unneeded `fmt.Sprintf()` calls - tests: implement prepare_gadget and prepare_base and unify all the version - o/snapstate: refactor managed refresh schedule logic - o/assertstate, snapasserts: implementation of assertstate.TryEnforceValidationSets function - interfaces: add kconfig paths to system-observe - dbusutil: move debian patch into dbustest - many: change name and input of CheckProvenance to clarify usage - tests: Fix a missing parameter in command to wait for device - tests: Work-around non-functional --wait on systemctl - tests: unify the way the snapd/core and kernel are repacked in nested helper - tests: skip interfaces-ufisks2 on centos-9 - i/b/mount-control: allow custom filesystem types - interfaces,metautil: make error handling in getPaths() more targeted - cmd/snap-update-ns: handle mountpoint removal failures with EBUSY - tests: fix pc-kernel repacking - systemd: add `WantedBy=default.target` to snap mount units - tests: disable microk8s test on 16.04
2022-11-30 Maciek Borzecki <maciek dot borzecki at gmail dot com> - 2.57.6-1 - Release 2.57.6 to Fedora
2022-11-15 Michael Vogt <michael dot vogt at ubuntu dot com> - New upstream release 2.57.6 - SECURITY UPDATE: Local privilege escalation - snap-confine: Fix race condition in snap-confine when preparing a private tmp mount namespace for a snap - CVE-2022-3328


  • application()
  • application(io.snapcraft.SessionAgent.desktop)
  • application(snap-handle-link.desktop)
  • config(snapd)
  • mimehandler(x-scheme-handler/snap)
  • snapd
  • snapd(x86-64)


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