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selinux-policy-38.8-2.fc38 in Fedora 38

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Date Author Change
2023-03-03 Zdenek Pytela <zpytela at redhat dot com> - 38.8-2 - Update make-rhat-patches.sh file to use the f38 dist-git branch in F38
2023-03-03 Zdenek Pytela <zpytela at redhat dot com> - 38.8-1 - Confine gnome-initial-setup - Allow qemu-guest-agent create and use vsock socket - Allow login_pgm setcap permission - Allow chronyc read network sysctls - Enhancement of the /usr/sbin/request-key helper policy - Fix opencryptoki file names in /dev/shm - Allow system_cronjob_t transition to rpm_script_t - Revert "Allow system_cronjob_t domtrans to rpm_script_t" - Add tunable to allow squid bind snmp port - Allow staff_t getattr init pid chr & blk files and read krb5 - Allow firewalld to rw z90crypt device - Allow httpd work with tokens in /dev/shm - Allow svirt to map svirt_image_t char files - Allow sysadm_t run initrc_t script and sysadm_r role access - Allow insights-client manage fsadm pid files
2023-02-08 Zdenek Pytela <zpytela at redhat dot com> - 38.7-1 - Allowing snapper to create snapshots of /home/ subvolume/partition - Add boolean qemu-ga to run unconfined script - Label systemd-journald feature LogNamespace - Add none file context for polyinstantiated tmp dirs - Allow certmonger read the contents of the sysfs filesystem - Add journalctl the sys_resource capability - Allow nm-dispatcher plugins read generic files in /proc - Add initial policy for the /usr/sbin/request-key helper - Additional support for rpmdb_migrate - Add the keyutils module
2023-01-30 Zdenek Pytela <zpytela at redhat dot com> - 38.6-1 - Boolean: allow qemu-ga read ssh home directory - Allow kernel_t to read/write all sockets - Allow kernel_t to UNIX-stream connect to all domains - Allow systemd-resolved send a datagram to journald - Allow kernel_t to manage and have "execute" access to all files - Fix the files_manage_all_files() interface - Allow rshim bpf cap2 and read sssd public files - Allow insights-client work with su and lpstat - Allow insights-client tcp connect to all ports - Allow nm-cloud-setup dispatcher plugin restart nm services - Allow unconfined user filetransition for sudo log files - Allow modemmanager create hardware state information files - Allow ModemManager all permissions for netlink route socket - Allow wg to send msg to kernel, write to syslog and dbus connections - Allow hostname_t to read network sysctls. - Dontaudit ftpd the execmem permission - Allow svirt request the kernel to load a module - Allow icecast rename its log files - Allow upsd to send signal to itself - Allow wireguard to create udp sockets and read net_conf - Use ' %setup -q ' instead of '%setup' - Pass -p 1 to ' %setup -q '
2023-01-21 Fedora Release Engineering <releng at fedoraproject dot org> - 38.5-2 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_38_Mass_Rebuild
2023-01-13 Zdenek Pytela <zpytela at redhat dot com> - 38.5-1 - Allow insights client work with gluster and pcp - Add insights additional capabilities - Add interfaces in domain, files, and unconfined modules - Label fwupdoffline and fwupd-detect-cet with fwupd_exec_t - Allow sudodomain use sudo.log as a logfile - Allow pdns server map its library files and bind to unreserved ports - Allow sysadm_t read/write ipmi devices - Allow prosody manage its runtime socket files - Allow kernel threads manage kernel keys - Allow systemd-userdbd the sys_resource capability - Allow systemd-journal list cgroup directories - Allow apcupsd dbus chat with systemd-logind - Allow nut_domain manage also files and sock_files in /var/run - Allow winbind-rpcd make a TCP connection to the ldap port - Label /usr/lib/rpm/rpmdb_migrate with rpmdb_exec_t - Allow tlp read generic SSL certificates - Allow systemd-resolved watch tmpfs directories - Revert "Allow systemd-resolved watch tmpfs directories"
2022-12-19 Zdenek Pytela <zpytela at redhat dot com> - 38.4-1 - Allow NetworkManager and wpa_supplicant the bpf capability - Allow systemd-rfkill the bpf capability - Allow winbind-rpcd manage samba_share_t files and dirs - Label /var/lib/httpd/md(/.*)? with httpd_sys_rw_content_t - Allow gpsd the sys_ptrace userns capability - Introduce gpsd_tmp_t for sockfiles managed by gpsd_t - Allow load_policy_t write to unallocated ttys - Allow ndc read hardware state information - Allow system mail service read inherited certmonger runtime files - Add lpr_roles to system_r roles - Revert "Allow insights-client run lpr and allow the proper role" - Allow stalld to read /sys/kernel/security/lockdown file - Allow keepalived to set resource limits - Add policy for mptcpd - Add policy for rshim - Allow admin users to create user namespaces - Allow journalctl relabel with var_log_t and syslogd_var_run_t files - Do not run restorecon /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d in targeted - Trim changelog so that it starts at F35 time - Add mptcpd and rshim modules
2022-12-14 Zdenek Pytela <zpytela at redhat dot com> - 38.3-1 - Allow insights-client dbus chat with various services - Allow insights-client tcp connect to various ports - Allow insights-client run lpr and allow the proper role - Allow insights-client work with pcp and manage user config files - Allow redis get user names - Allow kernel threads to use fds from all domains - Allow systemd-modules-load load kernel modules - Allow login_userdomain watch systemd-passwd pid dirs - Allow insights-client dbus chat with abrt - Grant kernel_t certain permissions in the system class - Allow systemd-resolved watch tmpfs directories - Allow systemd-timedated watch init runtime dir - Make `bootc` be `install_exec_t` - Allow systemd-coredump create user_namespace - Allow syslog the setpcap capability - donaudit virtlogd and dnsmasq execmem
2022-12-06 Zdenek Pytela <zpytela at redhat dot com> - 38.2-1 - Don't make kernel_t an unconfined domain - Don't allow kernel_t to execute bin_t/usr_t binaries without a transition - Allow kernel_t to execute systemctl to do a poweroff/reboot - Grant basic permissions to the domain created by systemd_systemctl_domain() - Allow kernel_t to request module loading - Allow kernel_t to do compute_create - Allow kernel_t to manage perf events - Grant almost all capabilities to kernel_t - Allow kernel_t to fully manage all devices - Revert "In domain_transition_pattern there is no permission allowing caller domain to execu_no_trans on entrypoint, this patch fixing this issue" - Allow pulseaudio to write to session_dbusd tmp socket files - Allow systemd and unconfined_domain_type create user_namespace - Add the user_namespace security class - Reuse tmpfs_t also for the ramfs filesystem - Label udf tools with fsadm_exec_t - Allow networkmanager_dispatcher_plugin work with nscd - Watch_sb all file type directories. - Allow spamc read hardware state information files - Allow sysadm read ipmi devices - Allow insights client communicate with cupsd, mysqld, openvswitch, redis - Allow insights client read raw memory devices - Allow the spamd_update_t domain get generic filesystem attributes - Dontaudit systemd-gpt-generator the sys_admin capability - Allow ipsec_t only read tpm devices - Allow cups-pdf connect to the system log service - Allow postfix/smtpd read kerberos key table - Allow syslogd read network sysctls - Allow cdcc mmap dcc-client-map files - Add watch and watch_sb dosfs interface
2022-11-21 Zdenek Pytela <zpytela at redhat dot com> - 38.1-1 - Revert "Allow sysadm_t read raw memory devices" - Allow systemd-socket-proxyd get attributes of cgroup filesystems - Allow rpc.gssd read network sysctls - Allow winbind-rpcd get attributes of device and pty filesystems - Allow insights-client domain transition on semanage execution - Allow insights-client create gluster log dir with a transition - Allow insights-client manage generic locks - Allow insights-client unix_read all domain semaphores - Add domain_unix_read_all_semaphores() interface - Allow winbind-rpcd use the terminal multiplexor - Allow mrtg send mails - Allow systemd-hostnamed dbus chat with init scripts - Allow sssd dbus chat with system cronjobs - Add interface to watch all filesystems - Add watch_sb interfaces - Add watch interfaces - Allow dhcpd bpf capability to run bpf programs - Allow netutils and traceroute bpf capability to run bpf programs - Allow pkcs_slotd_t bpf capability to run bpf programs - Allow xdm bpf capability to run bpf programs - Allow pcscd bpf capability to run bpf programs - Allow lldpad bpf capability to run bpf programs - Allow keepalived bpf capability to run bpf programs - Allow ipsec bpf capability to run bpf programs - Allow fprintd bpf capability to run bpf programs - Allow systemd-socket-proxyd get filesystems attributes - Allow dirsrv_snmp_t to manage dirsrv_config_t & dirsrv_var_run_t files


  • config(selinux-policy)
  • rpm_macro(_file_context_file)
  • rpm_macro(_file_context_file_pre)
  • rpm_macro(_file_custom_defined_booleans)
  • rpm_macro(_file_custom_defined_booleans_tmp)
  • rpm_macro(_selinux_policy_version)
  • rpm_macro(_selinux_store_path)
  • rpm_macro(_selinux_store_policy_path)
  • rpm_macro(selinux_modules_install)
  • rpm_macro(selinux_modules_uninstall)
  • rpm_macro(selinux_relabel_post)
  • rpm_macro(selinux_relabel_pre)
  • rpm_macro(selinux_requires)
  • rpm_macro(selinux_set_booleans)
  • rpm_macro(selinux_unset_booleans)
  • selinux-policy
  • selinux-policy-base


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