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selinux-policy-35.3-1.20211019git94970fc.fc35 in Fedora 35

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2021-10-19 Adam Williamson <awilliam at redhat dot com> - 35.3-1.20211019git94970fc - Allow fedora-third-party map generic cache files - Add gnome_map_generic_cache_files() interface - Add files_manage_var_lib_dirs() interface - Allow fedora-third party manage gpg keys - Allow fedora-third-party run "flatpak remote-add --from flathub" - Allow fedora-third-party run flatpak post-install actions
2021-10-18 Zdenek Pytela <zpytela at redhat dot com> - 35.2-1 - Allow fedora-third-party execute "flatpak remote-add" - Add files_manage_var_lib_files() interface - Add write permisson to userfaultfd_anon_inode_perms - Allow proper function sosreport via iotop - Allow proper function sosreport in sysadmin role - Allow fedora-third-party to connect to the system log service - Allow fedora-third-party dbus chat with policykit - Allow chrony-wait service start with DynamicUser=yes - Allow management of lnk_files if similar access to regular files - Allow unconfined_t transition to mozilla_plugin_t with NoNewPrivileges - Allow systemd-resolved watch /run/systemd - Allow fedora-third-party create and use unix_dgram_socket - Removing pkcs_tmpfs_filetrans interface and edit pkcs policy files - Allow login_userdomain named filetrans to pkcs_slotd_tmpfs_t domain
2021-10-07 Zdenek Pytela <zpytela at redhat dot com> - 35.1-1 - Add fedoratp module - Allow xdm_t domain transition to fedoratp_t - Allow ModemManager create and use netlink route socket - Add default file context for /run/gssproxy.default.sock - Allow xdm_t watch fonts directories - Allow xdm_t watch generic directories in /lib - Allow xdm_t watch generic pid directories
2021-09-23 Zdenek Pytela <zpytela at redhat dot com> - 34.21-1 - Add bluetooth-related permissions into a tunable block - Allow gnome at-spi processes create and use stream sockets - Allow usbmuxd get attributes of tmpfs_t filesystems - Allow fprintd install a sleep delay inhibitor - Allow collectd get attributes of infiniband devices - Allow collectd create and user netlink rdma socket - Allow collectd map packet_socket - Allow snort create and use blootooth socket - Allow systemd watch and watch_reads console devices - Allow snort create and use generic netlink socket - Allow NetworkManager dbus chat with fwupd - Allow unconfined domains read/write domain perf_events - Allow scripts to enter LUKS password - Update mount_manage_pid_files() to use manage_files_pattern - Support hitless reloads feature in haproxy - Allow haproxy list the sysfs directories content - Allow gnome at-spi processes get attributes of tmpfs filesystems - Allow unbound connectto unix_stream_socket - Allow rhsmcertd_t dbus chat with anaconda install_t
2021-09-16 Zdenek Pytela <zpytela at redhat dot com> - 34.20-1 - cleanup unused codes - Fix typo in the gnome_exec_atspi() interface summary - Allow xdm execute gnome-atspi services - Allow gnome at-spi processes execute dbus-daemon in caller domain - Allow xdm watch dbus configuration - Allow xdm execute dbus-daemon in the caller domain - Revert "Allow xdm_t transition to system_dbusd_t" - Allow at-spi-bus-launcher read and map xdm pid files - Allow dhcpcd set its resource limits - Allow systemd-sleep get removable devices attributes - Allow usbmuxd get attributes of fs_t filesystems
2021-09-09 Zdenek Pytela <zpytela at redhat dot com> - 34.19-2 - Update make-rhat-patches.sh file to use the new f35 dist-git branch
2021-09-09 Zdenek Pytela <zpytela at redhat dot com> - 34.19-1 - Update the dhcp client local policy - Allow firewalld load kernel modules - Allow postfix_domain to sendto unix dgram sockets. - Allow systemd watch unallocated ttys
2021-09-07 Zdenek Pytela <zpytela at redhat dot com> - 34.18-1 - Allow ModemManager create a qipcrtr socket - Allow ModemManager request to load a kernel module - Label /usr/sbin/virtproxyd as virtd_exec_t - Allow communication between at-spi and gdm processes - Update ica_filetrans_named_content() with create_file_perms - Fix the gnome_atspi_domtrans() interface summary
2021-08-27 Zdenek Pytela <zpytela at redhat dot com> - 34.17-5 - Add ica module to modules-targeted-contrib.conf
2021-08-27 Zdenek Pytela <zpytela at redhat dot com> - 34.17-4 - Add trailing \ to the relabel() block which is needed even in a comment



  • config(selinux-policy)
  • selinux-policy
  • selinux-policy-base


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