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rpkg-0.14-1.el7 in EPEL 7

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Date Author Change
2018-02-18 clime <clime at redhat dot com> 0.14-1 - fix error when redownloading sources - do not invoke parent's module_name in load_ns_module_name - fix python builddeps naming
2017-12-04 clime <clime at redhat dot com> 0.13-1 - add LICENSE to ignored file regex
2017-10-23 clime <clime at redhat dot com> 0.12-1 - respect hashtype from the sources file if any
2017-10-20 clime <clime at redhat dot com> 0.11-1 - set default distgit target to src.fedoraproject.org - fix downloading sources for any-length-namespace modules - make the whole lookaside url template explict in the config file - rename 'rpkg' config section to 'distgit' - update in command descriptions
2017-10-18 clime <clime at redhat dot com> 0.10-1 - possibility to give directory to --spec - also take --spec in account for rpmdefines
2017-10-16 clime <clime at redhat dot com> 0.9-1 - update spec descriptions - added is-packed subcommand - try reading ~/.config/rpkg before /etc/rpkg - add unittests - for source downloading, try both url formats with/without hashtype - add make-source subcommand - patch srpm to generate Source0 if unpacked content - override load_ns_module_name to work with any length namespaces - added --spec for srpm, make-source, and copr-build - fixed tagging not to include host dist tag - docs update - make all config values optional
2017-07-27 clime <clime at redhat dot com> 0.8-1 - fix man pages to only include actually provided part of pyrpkg functionality - add rpkglib to provide functional interface - change summary of wrapper package
2017-07-26 clime <clime at redhat dot com> 0.7-1 - use %py2_build and %py2_install macros - explicitly invoke python2 for doc generation - remove no longer needed $BUILDROOT removal in %install clause - add missing BuildRequires on python-setuptools
2017-07-07 clime <clime at redhat dot com> 0.6-1 - fix build error
2017-06-27 clime <clime at redhat dot com> 0.5-1 - remove Requires bash-completion



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