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python2-XStatic-roboto-fontface- in EPEL 7

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Date Author Change
2015-09-22 Matthias Runge <mrunge at redhat dot com> - - fix location of css/scss files for roboto
2015-09-08 Chandan Kumar <chkumar246 at gmail dot com> - - Fixed shebang rpmlint issue in .svg files - use roboto-fontface-fonts due to bug in google-roboto-fonts
2015-09-08 Chandan Kumar <chkumar246 at gmail dot com> - - use google-roboto-fonts and google-roboto-commons
2015-09-05 chandankumar <chkumar246 at gmail dot com> - - Initial package.



  • python-XStatic-roboto-fontface
  • python2-XStatic-roboto-fontface


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