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2024-03-31 Paul Howarth <paul at city dash fan dot org> - 1.3.8b-3 - Add 'proxy' sub-package with unbundled mod_proxy (rhbz#2272051) - Update fsio.c: if mkdir fails with EEXIST, also clear the cache (GH#1677)
2024-01-01 Paul Howarth <paul at city dash fan dot org> - 1.3.8b-2 - Use libsodium to provide ed25519 key support for mod_sftp (#2256340) - Update logrotate snippet to use try-reload-or-restart rather than reload for distributions with systemd 229 or later (PR#3)
2023-12-20 Paul Howarth <paul at city dash fan dot org> - 1.3.8b-1 - Update to 1.3.8b - Compiling ProFTPD 1.3.8a mod_sftp, mod_tls using libressl 3.7.3 failed (GH#1735) - Build system failed for specific module names (GH#1756) - "Terrapin" Prefix Truncation Attacks in SSH Specification affected mod_sftp (CVE-2023-48795, GH#1760)
2023-10-09 Paul Howarth <paul at city dash fan dot org> - 1.3.8a-1 - Update to 1.3.8a - Fix mod_sftp failure to handle SFTP requests to truncate files to zero size (GH#1581) - Fix mod_sftp improperly handling SFTP WRITE requests for files opened for appending (GH#1584) - Build-time detection of Linux POSIX ACL support was broken since 1.3.8rc2 (GH#1568) - Fix failure to load mod_rewrite as a dynamic module due to incomplete/missing library linker flags (GH#1590) - <Class> section is allowed to be in <Global>, but From directive is not (GH#1597) - ExtendedLog SSH, SFTP classes not working as expected (GH#1617) - Fix mod_sftp not handling multiple concurrent open file handles/transfers well for logging (GH#1646) - "TLSRequired off" plus Protocols directive caused mod_tls to terminate the session abruptly (GH#1679) - Fix mod_tls failure to compile against OpenSSL 3.0.8 due to missing ENGINE_METHOD_ flags (GH#1689) - Unknown named connection error when using different SQL backends (GH#1659) - Fix mod_sql not properly closing all named backend connections on session exit (GH#1697) - SSH key exchanges failed unexpectedly with "unable to write X bytes of raw data" errors due to small ProFTPD buffer (GH#1694) - Fix high session memory usage caused by SFTP outgoing data buffering (GH#1678) - Out-of-bounds buffer read when handling FTP commands (GH#1683, CVE-2023-51713) - SFTP algorithm settings in <Global> section were not being used (GH#1712)
2023-02-03 Paul Howarth <paul at city dash fan dot org> - 1.3.8-4 - Ensure mod_rewrite is linked against libidn2 so that it loads properly (rhbz#2166454, https://github.com/proftpd/proftpd/issues/1590) - No longer need to explicitly remove libtool archives from Fedora 36 onwards
2023-01-21 Paul Howarth <paul at city dash fan dot org> - 1.3.8-3 - Add PCRE2 support (rhbz#2158885)
2022-12-05 Paul Howarth <paul at city dash fan dot org> - 1.3.8-1 - Update to 1.3.8 - 1.3.8rc4 failed to build mod_sftp with OpenSSL 1.1.0 due to X448 check (GH#1488) - 1.3.8rc4 failed to build on Solaris due to missing type declarations (GH#1494) - mod_ifsession doesn't change the effect of SFTPMaxChannels (GH#1500) - mod_tls module unexpectedly allows TLS handshake after authentication in some configurations (GH#1533) - Disable FSCachePolicy by default (GH#1528) - Avoid logging "session closed" messages unless there is a corresponding "session opened" log message, to avoid user confusion (GH#1539) - Implement support for the CSID FTP command (GH#1550) - Unable to verify signed data: signature type 'rsa-sha2-512' does not match publickey algorithm 'ssh-rsa' (Bug #4491) - mod_auth_otp improperly allows keyboard-interactive logins for users lacking OTP entries (GH#1560) - Update mod_vroot to 0.9.11 - Addresses a bad interaction with mod_auth_file, and failed login attempts, which can lead to inexplicably "stuck" processes that cannot be terminated (https://github.com/proftpd/proftpd/issues/1384) - Use SPDX-format license tag
2022-08-04 Paul Howarth <paul at city dash fan dot org> - 1.3.8-0.4.rc4 - Update mod_vroot to 0.9.10 - Fix unexpected filtering behaviour with mod_vroot (#2104972, GH#1491)
2022-07-24 Paul Howarth <paul at city dash fan dot org> - 1.3.8-0.3.rc4 - Update to 1.3.8rc4 - mod_sftp should fail on startup when SFTP and TLS are both enabled for a vhost (GH#1434) - DelayTable not properly using documented default value; this is a regression caused by the changes for Bug#4020 (GH#1440) - Support customizing SSH ciphers, digests, key exchanges via SFTPClientMatch (GH#1444) - Ensure that mod_sftp algorithms work properly with OpenSSL 3.x (GH#1448) - BanOnEvent BadProtocol triggers segfault (GH#1445) - SFTP "check-file" implementation computes incorrect results (GH#1439) - Implement SFTPHostKeys directive for configuring the SSH host key algorithms (GH#1457) - Implement the "curve448-sha512" SSH key exchange algorithm (GH#1437) - Include directive broken when using wildcards for directory components (GH#1472) - mod_sftp fails to build using OpenSSL 1.0.x: undefined reference to 'EVP_MD_CTX_reset' (Bug #4485) - Reload after omitting explicit ModulePath value causes fatal module load failures (GH#1476) - Drop pcre build dependency since we have been explicitly disabling it for the last 5 years anyway - Fix X448 support check to fail properly with OpenSSL 1.1.0 (GH#1488)
2022-04-25 Paul Howarth <paul at city dash fan dot org> - 1.3.8-0.2.rc3 - Update to 1.3.8rc3 - Support SSH hostkey rotation via OpenSSH extensions (GH#1323) - NLST did not behave consistently for relative paths (GH#1325) - Support AES Galois Counter Mode (AES-GCM) in SSH; support for the "aes128-gcm@openssh.com" and "aes256-gcm@openssh.com" ciphers has been added to mod_sftp (Bug #3759) - Implement an LDAPConnectTimeout directive, to configure the timeout used when connecting to LDAP servers (GH#1333) - Implement OpenSSH "Encrypt-Then-MAC" (ETM) algorithm extensions (GH#1330) - Implement AllowForeignAddress class matching for passive data transfers (GH#1346) - Implement support for PCRE2 (GH#1353) - ProFTPD wouldn't start with several locales (Bug #4466) - Auth sources providing space-bearing user/group names caused compliance issues with MLSD/MLST responses (GH#1367) - DeleteAbortedStores removed successfully transferred files unexpectedly (Bug #4467) - Omit EPRT/EPSV from FEAT response when denied by <Limit> configuration (GH#1383) - Support uploading to symlinked files (GH#1379) - Keepalive socket options should be set using IPPROTO_TCP, not SOL_SOCKET (GH#1401) - TCP keepalive SocketOptions should apply to control as well as data connection (GH#1402) - ProFTPD always used the same PassivePorts port for first transfer (GH#1396) - mod_sftp needs to handle unknown SSH messages in an RFC-compliant manner, ignoring rather than disconnecting (GH#1410) - Improve handling of some globally applied configuration directives (GH#1418) - Name-based virtual hosts not working as expected after upgrade from 1.3.7a to 1.3.7b (GH#1369)



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