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pdc-client-1.8.0-4.el7 in EPEL 7

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Date Author Change
2017-12-01 Chuang Cao <chcao at redhat dot com> 1.8.0-4 - Add the page_size=None when get auth (chcao@redhat.com)
2017-11-29 Chuang Cao <chcao at redhat dot com> 1.8.0-3 - Rollback codes on parent class of PDCClient (chcao@redhat.com)
2017-11-24 Chuang Cao <chcao at redhat dot com> 1.8.0-2 - Add new version 1.8.0 in setup.py (chcao@redhat.com) - Remove "setup.py test" part from sepc file (chcao@redhat.com)
2017-11-22 Chuang Cao <chcao at redhat dot com> 1.8.0-1 - Add PDCClient tests and fix the discovered bugs (lholecek@redhat.com) - Add comments for rpm requirements (chcao@redhat.com) - Get the endpoint as attr which includes "-" (chcao@redhat.com) - Fix wrapping BeanBag methods and operators (lholecek@redhat.com) - Fix bug of Multipaged (chcao@redhat.com) - Add MultiPageBeanBag class to support get multi pages (chcao@redhat.com) - Add the close function when load plugins (chcao@redhat.com) - Correct the flake8 issues (chcao@redhat.com) - Change the docstrings and fix issues (chcao@redhat.com) - Remove duplicate code (lholecek@redhat.com) - Update documentation (lholecek@redhat.com) - Add documentation link to README file (lholecek@redhat.com) - Add discription of page_size=-1 in help doc (chcao@redhat.com) - Fix printing errors and exit code for pdc_client (lholecek@redhat.com) - Add smoke-test for all executables (lholecek@redhat.com) - Fix running tests when building rpm (lholecek@redhat.com) - Override plugin paths with PDC_CLIENT_PLUGIN_PATH (lholecek@redhat.com) - Improve installing plugins (lholecek@redhat.com) - Revert removing comments from downstream (lholecek@redhat.com) - Add the page argument on pdc (chcao@redhat.com)
2017-09-08 Lukas Holecek <lholecek at redhat dot com> 1.7.0-3 - Fix printing help for missing sub-commands (lholecek@redhat.com) - Fix "pdc_client --version" (lholecek@redhat.com)
2017-08-28 Lukas Holecek <lholecek at redhat dot com> 1.7.0-2 - Omit installing plugins with Python packages
2017-08-22 Lukas Holecek <lholecek at redhat dot com> 1.7.0-1 - Bump versin in setup.py (lholecek@redhat.com) - Update spec file from downstream (lholecek@redhat.com) - Bug fix for ssl_verify in old pdc_client (chuzhang@redhat.com) - Fix content-delivery-repo list ordering (lholecek@redhat.com) - Print table with minimum width for content-deliver-repo list (lholecek@redhat.com) - Update test data for content-deliver-repo (lholecek@redhat.com) - Update value type for "Shadow" field (lholecek@redhat.com) - Increase `pdc content-deliver-repo list` verbosity. (dmach@redhat.com) - Fix passing ordering parameter (lholecek@redhat.com) - Make error reporting less verbose (lholecek@redhat.com) - Omit printing long HTML with error (lholecek@redhat.com) - Remove unused import (lholecek@redhat.com) - Simplify reporting server errors. (dmach@redhat.com) - Modify base_product plugin according to commit 79cbe98 (chuzhang@redhat.com) - Sort commands in pdc --help. (dmach@redhat.com) - Remove the arch parameter from option (chcao@redhat.com) - Use local development plugin directory (lholecek@redhat.com) - Add content-delivery-repo export/import sub-commands. (dmach@redhat.com) - Unify json output serialization. (dmach@redhat.com) - Add base-product command (chcao@redhat.com) - Add base-product command. (dmach@redhat.com) - Allow deleting multiple repos at once. (dmach@redhat.com) - Allow deleting multiple group resource perms at once. (dmach@redhat.com) - Fix running tests with Travis (lholecek@redhat.com) - Replace a custom test runner with standard setup.py test. (dmach@redhat.com) - Allow deleting release variants. (dmach@redhat.com) - Add "release-variant" command (chcao@redhat.com) - Add "release-variant" command. (dmach@redhat.com) - OrderedDict support in python 2.6 (chcao@redhat.com) - Add "product-version" command. (dmach@redhat.com) - OrderedDict support in python 2.6 (chcao@redhat.com) - Add "product" command. (dmach@redhat.com) - plugin_helpers: Allow overriding 'dest' option. (dmach@redhat.com) - Fix reading "develop" option from settings (lholecek@redhat.com) - Fix configuration name in README (lholecek@redhat.com) - Fix the Sphix dependency (caochuangxiang@gmail.com) - Change the new token secure with chcao (caochuangxiang@gmail.com) - Feedback: incorrect place to specify default SSL behavior (ahills@redhat.com) - Fix SSL command line options (ahills@redhat.com) - Surport SSL cert when swith insecure to false (bliu@redhat.com) - Fix the bug about the include-shadow para in repo clone (bliu@redhat.com)
2017-07-27 Fedora Release Engineering <releng at fedoraproject dot org> - 1.2.0-4 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_27_Mass_Rebuild
2017-06-21 Lubomír Sedlář <lsedlar at redhat dot com> - 1.2.0-3 - Fix dependencies on Python 3
2017-02-11 Fedora Release Engineering <releng at fedoraproject dot org> - 1.2.0-2 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_26_Mass_Rebuild



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