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openssh-clients-9.3p1-11.fc39 in Fedora 39

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Date Author Change
2024-07-01 Daniel Milnes <daniel at daniel dash milnes dot uk> - 9.3p1-11 - Backport fix for CVE-2024-6387 (rhbz#2294879)
2024-01-10 Dmitry Belyavskiy <dbelyavs at redhat dot com> - 9.3p1-10 - Forbid shell metasymbols in username/hostname Resolves: CVE-2023-51385 - Fix Terrapin attack Resolves: CVE-2023-48795 - Apply destination constraints to all PKCS#11 keys Resolves: CVE-2023-51384
2023-09-08 Dmitry Belyavskiy <dbelyavs at redhat dot com> - 9.3p1-9 - Revert "Remove sshd.socket unit (rhbz#2025716)" according to FESCO decision
2023-08-03 Dmitry Belyavskiy <dbelyavs at redhat dot com> - 9.3p1-8 - Split including crypto-policies to a separate config (rhbz#1970566) - Disable forking of ssh-agent on startup (rhbz#2148555) - Remove sshd.socket unit (rhbz#2025716) - Minor optimization of ssh_krb5_kuserok (rhbz#2112501)
2023-08-01 Dmitry Belyavskiy <dbelyavs at redhat dot com> - 9.3p1-7 - Relax checks of OpenSSL version
2023-07-26 Mattias Ellert <mattias dot ellert at physics dot uu dot se> - 9.3p1-6 - Update gssapi-keyex patch for OpenSSH 9.0+
2023-07-21 Dmitry Belyavskiy <dbelyavs at redhat dot com> - 9.3p1-5 - Fix remote code execution in ssh-agent PKCS#11 support Resolves: CVE-2023-38408
2023-07-20 Fedora Release Engineering <releng at fedoraproject dot org> - 9.3p1-3.1 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_39_Mass_Rebuild
2023-06-08 Norbert Pocs <npocs at redhat dot com> - 9.3p1-4 - Fix deprecated %patchN syntax - Reduce the number of patches by merging related patches
2023-06-07 Dmitry Belyavskiy <dbelyavs at redhat dot com> - 9.3p1-3 - Fix DSS verification problem Resolves: rhbz#2212937



  • config(openssh-clients)
  • openssh-clients
  • openssh-clients(x86-64)


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