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2023-06-13 Tibor Dudlák <tdudlak at redhat dot com> - 1.15.1-1 - 608c763 chore(Packit): Use yaml magic to run same internal tests for PRs and commits to main (Tibor Dudlák) - 8062a20 refactor: more verbose output when (re)provisioning (Tibor Dudlák) - 19b52f8 test(OpenStack): Add reprovision with dynamic result tests (Tibor Dudlák) - fd111f5 fix: Do not reprovision all hosts when server error is detected (Tibor Dudlák) - 6e499f6 fix: Use lower cooldown time to not be too slow in re-provisioning (Tibor Dudlák) - e03793c chore(Packit): Add internalt tests per pull request (Tibor Dudlák) - 44023eb chore(Packit): add missing build job(s) to Packit config (Tibor Dudlák)
2023-04-18 Tibor Dudlák <tdudlak at redhat dot com> - 1.15.0-1 - f9f0e33 test: Add missing strategy_retry test (Tibor Dudlák) - 121c5db refactor(provider): take max_utilization out to method to ease mocking (Tibor Dudlák) - dc74ced test: Add missing tests for fixed code from https://github.com/neoave/mrack/pull/245 (Tibor Dudlák) - 86393ab feat(outputs): preset username and password for windows host in pytest-mh (Tibor Dudlák) - 4c26b5f feat(outputs): merge nested dictionary instead of overriding it (Tibor Dudlák) - 4dde2e5 feat(utils): add merge_dict (Tibor Dudlák) - 5440be1 refactor: fixes _openstack_gather_responses test warnings and exec time (David Pascual) - e29031b fix: Handle 403 AuthError (out of quota) in openstack provisioning (David Pascual) - a4e5075 feat: configurable ssh options (Petr Vobornik) - e9d716e chore: fix docs dependencies in tox run (Petr Vobornik) - 6f1943b chore: add Markdown support to docs and add design section (Petr Vobornik) - 88458e1 docs: SSH options design (Petr Vobornik)
2023-03-16 Tibor Dudlák <tdudlak at redhat dot com> - 1.14.1-1 - a9c4e62 fix: mrack not re-provisioning hosts which were destroyed (Tibor Dudlák) - 17b45e4 fix: Replace coroutines with tasks to avoid RuntimeError (David Pascual)
2023-03-08 Tibor Dudlák <tdudlak at redhat dot com> - 1.14.0-1 - e319b73 refactor(AWS): change variable name typo in get_ip_addresses (Tibor Dudlák) - d95e65f fix(OpenStack): Add missing await for self._load_limits() method call (Tibor Dudlák) - d0c2d8f refactor: Update supported providers (Tibor Dudlák) - 13ad3df fix(outputs): remove config section from pytest-multihost (Tibor Dudlák) - d3da251 feat(outputs): allow to overwrite ansible layout (Tibor Dudlák) - d3ac20d feat(outputs): allow to choose which outputs should be generated (Tibor Dudlák) - 66f2877 feat(outputs): add support for pytest-mh (Tibor Dudlák) - db633b7 feat(utils): relax condition in get_fqdn (Tibor Dudlák) - 0735e36 fix(outputs): add host to correct group in layout (Tibor Dudlák) - b1f5318 feat(utils): add get_os_type (Tibor Dudlák) - 0ab88e6 refactor(black): reformat code (Tibor Dudlák)
2023-03-01 Tibor Dudlák <tdudlak at redhat dot com> - 1.13.3-1 - 0f62237 fix(OpenStack): await loading limits to not break provisioning (Tibor Dudlák)
2023-03-01 Tibor Dudlák <tdudlak at redhat dot com> - 1.13.2-1 - 06f18d1 fix: Use get method when host error object is a dictionary (Tibor Dudlák) - fd33d68 fix(Beaker): rerurn common dictionary when validation fails (Tibor Dudlák) - b6c5ef4 fix(OpenStack): Add exception parameter when validation fails (Tibor Dudlák) - fa2c779 fix(OpenStack): load limits properly by one method (Tibor Dudlák) - 61e515f chore: change back mrack dist release to 1 (Tibor Dudlák)
2023-02-21 Tibor Dudlák <tdudlak at redhat dot com> - 1.13.1-1 - 1421b37 fix(MrackConfig): Fix MrackConfig class properties (Tibor Dudlák)
2023-02-17 Tibor Dudlák <tdudlak at redhat dot com> - 1.13.0-1 - 72cc2f3 test: add extra dnf options when dealing with rhel/epel 8 (Tibor Dudlák) - 32a754b chore: set packit to sync changelog as well (Tibor Dudlák) - b0512b4 chore: sync fedora spec to upstream to maintain changelog history for fedora (Tibor Dudlák) - be7b50a chore: Generate proper changelog from commit history when releasing (Tibor Dudlák) - 98f4035 chore: Bump python-semantic-release to latest (Tibor Dudlák) - a0e76dd test(OpenStack): Fixup the network spread tests (Tibor Dudlák) - 88b9332 test(OpenStack): rewrite network alloaction tests (Tibor Dudlák) - 777862f feat(OpenStack): Provide a way to disable network spreading (Tibor Dudlák) - ff7331d fix(OpenStack): fix condition for network to get in interval (Tibor Dudlák) - 943316d fix: fqdn in name is ignored and mrack guesses the name instead #237 (Tibor Dudlák) - 46141dc feat(AWS): Add utilization check method (Tibor Dudlák) - bb80060 feat(OpenStack): Add utilization check method (Tibor Dudlák) - 55f9c2c feat: Do not use same sleep for every mrack run (Tibor Dudlák) - 6ce3927 test(AnsibleInventory): global level output values override (Tibor Dudlák) - a7a896a feat(AnsibleInventory): Allow additional global level values (Tibor Dudlák) - 91c562c feat(AnsibleInventory): Allow additional domain level ansible inventory values (Tibor Dudlák) - 109b03c test(OpenStack): Update calls in openststack tests (Tibor Dudlák) - 4467cc2 refactor(OpenStack): make private openstack methods truly private (Tibor Dudlák) - 72b9b9c chore: use custom release_suffix for PR testing via packit (Petr Vobornik) - f3f734a chore: disable pylint pre-commit hook (Petr Vobornik) - 4aa9b0a chore(Packit): Add synchronization of tmt plans and tests (Tibor Dudlák) - 02c3e01 chore(Packit): Configure users on whose actions packit is allowed to be run (Tibor Dudlák) - cf14ed9 chore(Packit): Add missing ci.fmf to synced files (Tibor Dudlák)
2022-12-13 Tibor Dudlák <tdudlak at redhat dot com> - 1.12.3-4 - chore: Add add tmt tests and plans and add them to sync (Tibor Dudlák)
2022-12-13 Tibor Dudlák <tdudlak at redhat dot com> - 1.12.3-3 - chore: Add fmf/version and allowed users to run packit (Tibor Dudlák)



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