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2024-05-14 Jakub Kadlcik <frostyx at email dot cz> 5.6-1 - scm: Open stdout in text mode for Git timestamp subprocesses (fedora.dm0@gmail.com) - always set ownership of homedir (but not recursively) (msuchy@redhat.com) - Do not create temporary Buildroot.tmpdir for disabled nosync (praiskup@redhat.com) - bash-completion: add mock-parse-buildlog (pastalian46@gmail.com) - Rewrites "original_name" method to check if "cls" has a "backmap" (nikitych@yandex.ru) - Don't use --allowerasing for more DNF commands (frostyx@email.cz) - bash-completion: pre-build the list of mock known options (praiskup@redhat.com) - Avoid Traceback for resultdir ENOSPC (praiskup@redhat.com) - Post-release administrivia (praiskup@redhat.com) - Fix Version in %changelogs (praiskup@redhat.com)
2024-02-14 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup at redhat dot com> 5.5-1 - allow chroot_scan to create archive instead of directory (tkopecek@redhat.com) - handle greedy options in Bash completion - fix root_cache invalidation (not) triggered by config changes - new '{{ repo_arch }}' Jinja2 template support - package_manager: disable %-interpolation in dnf.conf parser - only `chown` the in-chroot home files with the --rebuild mode - all non-privileged actions performed wiht EGID=135 (mock group) - mock newly requires a precise version of mock-filesystem - allow shadow-utils to run in buildroot by exception if necessary (martjack@redhat.com) - hw_info now reports file system type (vondruch@redhat.com)
2024-01-04 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup at redhat dot com> 5.4-1 - Fix installing rpmautospec plugin dependencies (yzhu@redhat.com)
2023-12-13 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup at redhat dot com> 5.3-1 - orphanskill: log command line arguments of the terminated process - docs: migrate the community from IRC to Matrix - dnf5: don't output to a PTY (mail@evangoo.de) - new rpmautospec plugin (sgallagh@redhat.com, nils@redhat.com) - fix bash completion with multiple file arguments (orion@nwra.com) - only %prep once when running %generate_buildrequires multiple times (miro@hroncok.cz) - Dynamic BuildRequires: Prevent generation of unsatisfied dependency (miro@hroncok.cz) - Identify buildroot package management earlier (praiskup@redhat.com) - Dump also dnf5 info into logs
2023-09-27 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup at redhat dot com> 5.2-1 - Fix '~' user source expansion for --copyout - Compatibility fix with EL 8 - Log out the command-line arguments - Make sure that 'state' is always finished - README.md: cleaning up - Post-release administrivia
2023-09-18 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup at redhat dot com> 5.1.1-1 - keep re-creating the root directory for each build
2023-09-15 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup at redhat dot com> 5.1-1 - new upstream release, per https://rpm-software-management.github.io/mock/Release-Notes-5.1
2023-08-09 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup at redhat dot com> 5.0-1 - new upstream release, per https://rpm-software-management.github.io/mock/Release-Notes-5.0
2023-06-02 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup at redhat dot com> 4.1-1 - bootstrap: fix certificate copying into the bootstrap chroot - don't strictly require any package manager - config: properly configure package manager commands - unify the fallback-detection for host/bootstrap/bootstrap-image - bind_mount plug-in: pre-create dest directory before bind-mounting a file - bootstrap: use DNF5 in package manager fallbacks - fix --dnf-cmd traceback with the new package_manager logic
2023-05-22 Pavel Raiskup <praiskup at redhat dot com> 4.0-1 - cleanup the bootstrap image logic so it works if Mock is run in container - rebuild: kill orphans when mounted - bootstrap: delay the buildroot-in-bootstrap recursive mount - use shlex instead of pipes - fix bootstrap_* prefixed config_opts options - manual page: fix the "how to fill an issue" info - support for DNF5 added - use -N instead of -n for useradd (msuchy@redhat.com) - mock: don't use distutils copy_tree()



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