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Date Author Change
2024-07-16 Brian C. Lane <bcl at redhat dot com> 41.3-1 - Accept but ignore the old --squashfs-only argument (awilliam@redhat.com)
2024-07-15 Brian C. Lane <bcl at redhat dot com> 41.2-1 - Prepare for the sbin merge (zbyszek@in.waw.pl) - Add compression.erofs section to lorax.conf (bcl@redhat.com) - Add erofs and erofs-ext4 support to --rootfs-type (bcl@redhat.com) - Replace squashfs_only with rootfs_type (bcl@redhat.com) - imgutils: Add mkerofs function and test (bcl@redhat.com) - Implement --replace also for S390 (sebastian.stark@advantest.com) - mkksiso: option --replace to replace arbitrary text in boot config. (sebastian.stark@advantest.com) - spec: Drop forge tag lua tweak (bcl@redhat.com)
2024-06-12 Brian C. Lane <bcl at redhat dot com> 41.1-1 - livemedia-creator: Check for BIOS vs. UEFI qemu support (bcl@redhat.com) - livemedia-creator: Enable s390x virt support (bcl@redhat.com) - livemedia-creator: Make use of virtio devices more generic (bcl@redhat.com) - Makefile: Turn off seccomp for test-in-podman (bcl@redhat.com) - tests: Fix image_minimizer test dnf usage (bcl@redhat.com) - creator: Fix pylint error in run_creator (bcl@redhat.com) - New lorax documentation - 41.1 (bcl@redhat.com) - docs: Add sphinx-reredirects and composer-cli redirect (bcl@redhat.com) - New lorax documentation - 41.1 (bcl@redhat.com) - spec: Switch to using the source from the github tag (bcl@redhat.com) - workflows: Add missing branch names (bcl@redhat.com) - runtime-cleanup: wget2-wget has replaced wget (yselkowi@redhat.com) - Add a simple PR template reminder (bcl@redhat.com)
2024-03-15 Brian C. Lane <bcl at redhat dot com> - maint: Switch default platform to F41 (bcl@redhat.com) - Add prefixdevname support to the boot.iso (rvykydal@redhat.com)
2024-02-19 Brian C. Lane <bcl at redhat dot com> - Add example use of lmc in github actions. (cjshowalter@alaska.edu) - Require lorax-templates-rhel when building for ELN, CentOS Stream and RHEL (sgallagh@redhat.com) - workflows: Switch to actions/checkout@v4 (bcl@redhat.com) - dnfbase: Fix substitutions (bcl@redhat.com)
2024-02-06 Brian C. Lane <bcl at redhat dot com> 40.5-1 - New lorax documentation - 40.5 (bcl@redhat.com) - maint: Switch default platform to F40 (bcl@redhat.com) - runtime-cleanup: Update to cleanup more (akira@tagoh.org) - runtime-install: Update font packages (akira@tagoh.org)
2024-02-01 Brian C. Lane <bcl at redhat dot com> 40.4-1 - mkksiso: Add support for adding an anaconda updates.img (jkonecny@redhat.com) - runtime-install: drop kdump-anaconda-addon (awilliam@redhat.com) - ltmpl: Handle installing provides with resolve_pkg_spec (bcl@redhat.com) - s390: Escape volid before using it (bcl@redhat.com) - aarch64: Escape volid before using it (bcl@redhat.com) - runtime-install: drop retired pcmciautils (awilliam@redhat.com) - runtime-install: wget2-wget has replaced wget (awilliam@redhat.com) - runtime-cleanup: anaconda's new interface needs stdbuf (kkoukiou@redhat.com) - ltmpl: Pass packages to add_rpm_install as strings (bcl@redhat.com)
2023-12-20 Brian C. Lane <bcl at redhat dot com> 40.3-1 - runtime-install: Work around problem with conflicting packages (bcl@redhat.com) - ltmpl: Check for errors after running the transaction (bcl@redhat.com)
2023-12-12 Brian C. Lane <bcl at redhat dot com> 40.2-1 - ltmpl: Remove duplicate package objects from dnf5 results (bcl@redhat.com) - test-in-podman: Fix problem running in github actions (bcl@redhat.com)
2023-12-11 Brian C. Lane <bcl at redhat dot com> 40.1-1 - ltmpl: Filter out other arches, clean up naming (bcl@redhat.com) - test: Add pigz to test-packages (bcl@redhat.com) - dnfbase: Fix url substitution support (bcl@redhat.com) - ltmpl: Add transaction error handling (bcl@redhat.com) - test-packages: Make sure python3-libdnf5 is installed (bcl@redhat.com) - Updates for latest libdnf5 changes (bcl@redhat.com) - spec: Switch to using python3-libdnf5 (bcl@redhat.com) - Fix writing out debug info for package files and sizes (bcl@redhat.com) - libdnf5: Switch lorax to use libdnf5 (bcl@redhat.com) - Add python3-libdnf5 to the list of test packages (bcl@redhat.com) - Adjust runtime-postinstall.tmpl for systemd config files move (zbyszek@in.waw.pl)


  • appliance-tools-minimizer
  • config(lorax)
  • lorax
  • lorax(x86-64)
  • python3.13dist(lorax)
  • python3dist(lorax)


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