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lorax-templates-generic-37.12-1.fc37 in Fedora 37

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Date Author Change
2023-08-09 Brian C. Lane <bcl at redhat dot com> 37.12-1 - Exclude more obsoleted libertas firmware packages (awilliam@redhat.com)
2023-08-07 Brian C. Lane <bcl at redhat dot com> 37.11-1 - runtime-install: excluded renamed olpc firmware package (awilliam@redhat.com) - runtime-install: exclude renamed iwl firmware packages (awilliam@redhat.com)
2022-12-12 Brian C. Lane <bcl at redhat dot com> 37.10-1 - tests: Add tzdata package to minimizer test setup (bcl@redhat.com) - test: Use Fedora 37 container (bcl@redhat.com) - mkksiso: Disable running mkefiboot in container tests (bcl@redhat.com) - mkksiso: Rebuild efiboot.img for UEFI enabled isos (bcl@redhat.com) - gitleaks: Add config file to ignore known fake secrets (bcl@redhat.com) - workflows: Switch to actions/checkout@v3 (bcl@redhat.com)
2022-11-28 Brian C. Lane <bcl at redhat dot com> 37.9-1 - Use unicode.pf2 from /usr/share/grub/ (bcl@redhat.com) - On ppc64le Use core.elf from grub2 package (bcl@redhat.com)
2022-07-25 Brian C. Lane <bcl at redhat dot com> 37.8-1 - mkksiso: Optionally support 3 arguments or --ks (bcl@redhat.com) - mkksiso: Add -U to xorriso on ppc64le (bcl@redhat.com) - mkksiso: Fix passing -iso-level to xorriso (bcl@redhat.com) - pylorax: SafeConfigParser is now ConfigParser (bcl@redhat.com) - test: Update test code for new pylint version (bcl@redhat.com) - tests: Switch back to rawhide for tests (bcl@redhat.com) - workflow: Remove sudo from workflow (bcl@redhat.com)
2022-07-13 Brian C. Lane <bcl at redhat dot com> 37.7-1 - mkksiso: Set u+rw permission on extracted files and directories (bcl@redhat.com) - Add option to boot local drive to the x86 BIOS grub2 menu (bcl@redhat.com)
2022-06-28 Brian C. Lane <bcl at redhat dot com> 37.6-1 - tests: Use Fedora 36 for test-in-podman (bcl@redhat.com) - Add include for architecture specific packages to example kickstarts (bcl@redhat.com) - templates: adjust for mellanox firmware split to subpackage (awilliam@redhat.com) - mkksiso: Fix s390x support (bcl@redhat.com) - spec: Don't require grub2 on x86-32 (bcl@redhat.com) - mkksiso: Remove use of os.path.join (bcl@redhat.com) - Makefile: Add mkksiso and image-minimizer to coverage report (bcl@redhat.com) - tests: Add tests for mkksiso (bcl@redhat.com) - mkksiso: Add kernel cmdline customization support (bcl@redhat.com) - mkksiso: Move kickstart to --ks KICKSTART (bcl@redhat.com) - mkksiso: Add helper functions for kernel cmdline modifications (bcl@redhat.com)
2022-06-03 Brian C. Lane <bcl at redhat dot com> 37.5-1 - example ks: Drop syslinux and add grub2-tools package for livemedia (bcl@redhat.com) - templates: Set @ISOLABEL@ in the bios-grub.cfg file to the isolabel (bcl@redhat.com) - Update spec for syslinux->grub2 switch (awilliam@redhat.com)
2022-06-01 Brian C. Lane <bcl at redhat dot com> 37.4-1 - mkksiso: Fix grub2 editing error (bcl@redhat.com)
2022-06-01 Brian C. Lane <bcl at redhat dot com> 37.3-1 - Add grub2 BIOS boot support to live iso template (bcl@redhat.com) Resolves: rhbz#2092065 - Drop grafting variables (bcl@redhat.com) - Drop macboot.img and simplify efiboot.img use (bcl@redhat.com) - Add grub2 BIOS boot support (bcl@redhat.com) - Remove syslinux support (bcl@redhat.com)



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