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libreport-filesystem-2.17.9-1.fc38 in Fedora 38

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2023-03-24 Packit <hello at packit dot dev> - 2.17.9-1 - Release version 2.17.9 (Michal Srb) - reporter-bugzilla: Fix string interpolation (Matěj Grabovský) - reporter-bugzilla: Replace flags with just keyword arg (Michal Srb) - reporter-bugzilla: Make sure that the creator of a bug is always in CC (Michal Srb) - reporter-bugzilla: Don't fail if reported_to file doesn't exist (Michal Srb) - reporter-bugzilla: Fix reporting when the bug already exists (Michal Srb) - use $XDG_CONFIG_HOME to access user's configuration files (Yann Droneaud) - Update translations (mgrabovsky)
2023-03-03 Packit <hello at packit dot dev> - 2.17.8-1 - Release version 2.17.8 (Michal Srb) - Update changelog (Michal Srb) - reporter-bugzilla: Fix KeyError when HOME env var is not set (Michal Srb) - Update changelog (Michal Srb) - reporter-bugzilla: Fix password prompt in client/server mode (Michal Srb)
2023-02-20 Packit <hello at packit dot dev> - 2.17.7-1 - Release version 2.17.7 (Michal Srb) - spec: Add disttag (Michal Srb) - Update changelog (Michal Srb) - Fix rpm -V issue with missing reporter-bugzilla-python in f38 (Michal Srb) - Fix TypeError (Michal Srb) - Update pot file (Matěj Grabovský) - readme: Add diagram of related projects (Matěj Grabovský) - Update translations (mgrabovsky) - Use SPDX format for license field (Matěj Grabovský) - ignored_words: Add KeyboardInterrupt (Michal Fabik) - packit: Add dependencies for SRPM build (Matěj Grabovský) - Update translations (mgrabovsky)
2023-01-19 Fedora Release Engineering <releng at fedoraproject dot org> - 2.17.6-2 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_38_Mass_Rebuild
2022-11-06 Packit <hello at packit dot dev> - 2.17.6-1 - Release version 2.17.6 (Michal Srb) - Update translations (mgrabovsky) - Update changelog (Michal Srb) - reporter-bugzilla: Fix TypeError (Michal Srb)
2022-10-24 Michal Srb <michal at redhat dot com> - 2.17.5-2 - Fix dist-tag
2022-10-24 Packit <hello at packit dot dev> - 2.17.5-1 - Release version 2.17.5 (Michal Srb) - Update changelog (Michal Srb) - dump_dir.py: check that the filename doesn't start with "/" (Michal Srb) - dump_dir.py: Don't pass libreport flags to open() (Michal Srb) - reporter-bugzilla: Fix exceptions (Michal Srb) - Update translations (mgrabovsky)
2022-09-14 Packit <hello at packit dot dev> - 2.17.4-1 - Release version 2.17.4 (Michal Fabik) - Update changelog (Michal Fabik) - reporter_bugzilla.py: Don't ask for API key if we already have it (Michal Srb) - internal/bz_connection.py: Fix "TypeError: 'builtin_function_or_method' object is not subscriptable" (Michal Srb) - reporter_bugzilla.py: Fix condition (Michal Srb) - internal/reported_to.py: Prevent possible ValueError if the line is for example empty (Michal Srb) - reporter_bugzilla.py: Prevent possible KeyError exception (Michal Srb) - reporter_bugzilla.py: Default value for `b_create_private` is False (Michal Srb) - reporter_bugzilla.py: Prevent possible KeyError exception (Michal Srb)
2022-09-12 Packit <hello at packit dot dev> - 2.17.3-1 - Release version 2.17.3 (Michal Fabik) - Update changelog (Michal Fabik) - Run autoupdate to get rid of obsolete/deprecated macros (Michal Fabik) - Makefile: Move README.md to EXTRA_DIST (Michal Fabik) - Don't build rhel-bugzilla --without-bugzilla (Michal Fabik) - doc: Make anaconda_event.conf depend on BZ (Michal Fabik) - Fix build --without-bugzilla (Michal Fabik) - spec: Don't list files twice (Michal Fabik) - Update translations (mgrabovsky)
2022-08-18 Packit <hello at packit dot dev> - 2.17.2-1 - Release version 2.17.2 (Michal Fabik) - reporter_bugzilla.py: Build, install (Michal Fabik) - reporter_bugzilla.py: Add tests (Michal Fabik) - reporter_bugzilla.py: Initial commit (Michal Fabik) - Update translations (mgrabovsky) - abrt_xmlrpc: Don't warn about discarded const (Michal Fabik) - Update translations (mgrabovsky) - Update translations (mgrabovsky) - Use conventional lseek arg order (Michal Fabik) - Update translations (mgrabovsky) - ignored_words: Ignore more debuginfod URLs (Matěj Grabovský)


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