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2023-02-04 Carlos O'Donell <carlos at redhat dot com> - 2.37-1 - Drop already included glibc-dprintf-length.patch patch. - Apply glibc-printf-grouping-swbz30068.patch to fix swbz#30068. - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.37/master, commit a704fd9a133bfb10510e18702f48a6a9c88dbbd5: - Create ChangeLog.old/ChangeLog.26. (tag: glibc-2.37) - Prepare for glibc 2.37 release. - x86: Fix strncat-avx2.S reading past length [BZ #30065] - Update install.texi, and regenerate INSTALL. - Update manual/contrib.texi. - Update NEWS file with bug fixes. - Regenerate configure. - Update all PO files in preparation for release. - doc: correct _FORTIFY_SOURCE doc in features.h - libio: Update number of written bytes in dprintf implementation
2023-01-31 Florian Weimer <fweimer at redhat dot com> - 2.36.9000-25 - Apply glibc-dprintf-length.patch to fix dprintf return value regression. - Auto-sync with upstream branch master, commit 2f39e44a8417b4186a7f15bfeac5d0b557e63e03: - Account for octal marker in %#o format (rhbz#2165869) - Use binutils 2.40 branch in build-many-glibcs.py - Use MPFR 4.2.0, MPC 1.3.1 in build-many-glibcs.py
2023-01-25 Florian Weimer <fweimer at redhat dot com> - 2.36.9000-24 - Auto-sync with upstream branch master, commit 0d50f477f47ba637b54fb03ac48d769ec4543e8d: - stdio-common: Handle -1 buffer size in __sprintf_chk & co (bug 30039) - Document '%F' format specifier - sparc (64bit): Regenerate ulps - ia64: Regenerate ulps - Update libc.pot for 2.37 release. - x86: Cache computation for AMD architecture. - manual: Fix typo - Add STATX_DIOALIGN from Linux 6.1 to bits/statx-generic.h - Add IPPROTO_L2TP from Linux 6.1 to netinet/in.h - AArch64: Improve strrchr - AArch64: Optimize strnlen - AArch64: Optimize strlen - AArch64: Optimize strcpy - AArch64: Improve strchrnul - AArch64: Optimize strchr - AArch64: Improve strlen_asimd - AArch64: Optimize memrchr - AArch64: Optimize memchr
2023-01-19 Fedora Release Engineering <releng at fedoraproject dot org> - 2.36.9000-23 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_38_Mass_Rebuild
2023-01-17 Florian Weimer <fweimer at redhat dot com> - 2.36.9000-22 - Auto-sync with upstream branch master, commit 569cfcc6bf35c28112ca8d7112e9eb4a22bed5b8: - hurd: Fix _NOFLSH value - elf: Fix GL(dl_phdr) and GL(dl_phnum) for static builds [BZ #29864] - string: Suppress -Wmaybe-unitialized for wordcopy [BZ #19444] - scripts/build-many-glibcs.py: Remove unused RANLIB and STRIP option - configure: Move nm, objdump, and readelf to LIBC_PROG_BINUTILS
2023-01-11 Patsy Griffin <patsy at redhat dot com> - 2.36.9000-21 - Auto-sync with upstream branch master, commit 2d2d7e1a8f2e62b442ae8978f0a6c17f385575c4. - configure: Allow user override LD, AR, OBJCOPY, and GPROF - math: Suppress -O0 warnings for soft-fp fsqrt [BZ #19444] - sunrpc: Suppress GCC -O1 warning on user2netname [BZ #19444] - locale: Use correct buffer size for utf8_sequence_error [BZ #19444] - Add HWCAP2_SVE_EBF16 from Linux 6.1 to AArch64 bits/hwcap.h - Add _FORTIFY_SOURCE implementation documentation [BZ #28998] - Update copyright dates not handled by scripts/update-copyrights - Update copyright dates with scripts/update-copyrights - Remove trailing whitespace in gmp.h - Remove trailing whitespace - C2x semantics for <tgmath.h> - time: Set daylight to 1 for matching DST/offset change (bug 29951) - Fix ldbl-128 built-in function use - x86: Check minimum/maximum of non_temporal_threshold [BZ #29953] - i686: Regenerate ulps
2023-01-02 Arjun Shankar <arjun at redhat dot com> - 2.36.9000-20 - Drop glibc-rh2155825.patch; fix applied upstream, and - Auto-sync with upstream branch master, commit 5f55b22f4b3ea14c777a60f239d25dc4555eb804: - hurd getcwd: Fix memory leak on error - hurd fcntl: Make LOCKED macro more robust - hurd: Make dl-sysdep __sbrk check __vm_allocate call - htl: Drop duplicate check in __pthread_stack_alloc - hurd hurdstartup: Initialize remaining fields of hurd_startup_data - hurd _S_msg_add_auth: Initialize new arrays to 0 - htl: Check error returned by __getrlimit - getdelim: ensure error indicator is set on error (bug 29917) - htl: Fix sem_wait race between read and gsync_wait - Avoid use of atoi in malloc - Linux: Pass size argument of epoll_create to the kernel - Simplify scripts/cross-test-ssh.sh configuration. - Define MADV_COLLAPSE from Linux 6.1 - powerpc64: Increase SIGSTKSZ and MINSIGSTKSZ - Update all PO files in preparation for release. - Update kernel version to 6.1 in header constant tests - Update syscall lists for Linux 6.1 - libio: Convert __vswprintf_internal to buffers (bug 27857) - libio: Convert __obstack_vprintf_internal to buffers (bug 27124) - libio: Convert __vdprintf_internal to buffers - libio: Convert __vasprintf_internal to buffers - libio: Convert __vsprintf_internal to buffers - stdio-common: Add lock optimization to vfprintf and vfwprintf - stdio-common: Convert vfprintf and related functions to buffers - stdio-common: Add __translated_number_width - stdio-common: Add __printf_function_invoke - stdio-common: Introduce buffers for implementing printf - locale: Implement struct grouping_iterator - Use Linux 6.1 in build-many-glibcs.py - Avoid use of atoi in some places in libc
2022-12-22 Florian Weimer <fweimer at redhat dot com> - 2.36.9000-19 - Fix epoll_create regression (#2155825)
2022-12-19 Florian Weimer <fweimer at redhat dot com> - 2.36.9000-18 - Auto-sync with upstream branch master, commit c1c0dea38833751f36a145c322ce53c9a08332e1: - Linux: Remove epoll_create, inotify_init from syscalls.list (#2154747) - Linux: Reflow and sort some Makefile variables - mach: Drop remnants of old_CFLAGS - mach: Fix passing -ffreestanding when checking for gnumach headers - Force use of -ffreestanding when checking for gnumach headers - elf: Fix tst-relro-symbols.py argument passing - x86: Prevent SIGSEGV in memcmp-sse2 when data is concurrently modified [BZ #29863] - Allow _Qp_fgt in sparc64 localplt.data
2022-12-12 DJ Delorie <dj at redhat dot com> - 2.36.9000-17 - Auto-sync with upstream branch master, commit 5dcd2d0ad02ff12c76355ef4f40947c1857ac482. - stdlib: Move _IO_cleanup to call_function_static_weak - elf: Do not assume symbol order on tst-audit25{a,b} - time: Use 64 bit time on tzfile - nscd: Use 64 bit time_t on libc nscd routines (BZ# 29402) - nis: Build libnsl with 64 bit time_t - realloc: Return unchanged if request is within usable size - Linux: Consolidate typesizes.h - Linux: Make generic fcntl.h the default one - Linux: make generic xstatver.h the default one - Linux: Remove generic sysdep - Linux: Assume and consolidate shutdown wire-up syscall - Linux: Assume and consolidate listen wire-up syscall - Linux: Assume and consolidate socketpair wire-up syscall - Linux: Assume and consolidate socket wire-up syscall - Linux: Assume and consolidate bind wire-up syscall - Linux: consolidate ____longjmp_chk - Linux: consolidate sendfile implementation - Linux: consolidate unlink implementation - Linux: consolidate symlink implementation - Linux: consolidate rmdir implementation - Linux: consolidate readlink implementation - Linux: consolidate mkdir implementation - Linux: consolidate link implementation - Linux: consolidate lchown implementation - Linux: consolidate inotify_init implementation - Lninux: consolidate epoll_create implementation - Linux: consolidate dup2 implementation - Linux: consolidate chown implementation - Linux: consolidate chmod implementation - linux: Consolidate dl-origin.c - linux: Use long int for syscall return value - LoongArch: Use medium cmodel build libc_nonshared.a. - x86_64: State assembler is being tested on sysdeps/x86/configure - configure: Remove AS check - configure: Remove check if ld is GNU - configure: Remove check if as is GNU - configure: Move locale tools early



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