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glibc-common-2.39-6.fc40 in Fedora 40

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Date Author Change
2024-03-26 Florian Weimer <fweimer at redhat dot com> - 2.39-6 - Do not generate ELF dependency information for glibc32
2024-03-26 Joseph Myers <josmyers at redhat dot com> - 2.39-5 - Build glibc32 binary package from glibc sources as part of x86_64 build, not from glibc32 SRPM that contains binaries from i686 RPM build.
2024-03-19 Arjun Shankar <arjun at redhat dot com> - 2.39-4 - Sync with upstream branch release/2.39/master, commit: 71fcdba577884627c3ee4e43beb915da752efb1f: - linux: Use rseq area unconditionally in sched_getcpu (bug 31479) - Use gcc __builtin_stdc_* builtins in stdbit.h if possible - S390: Do not clobber r7 in clone [BZ #31402] - math: Update mips64 ulps - mips: FIx clone3 implementation (BZ 31325) - arm: Remove wrong ldr from _dl_start_user (BZ 31339) - Replace advisories directory
2024-02-28 Arjun Shankar <arjun at redhat dot com> - 2.39-3 - Analyse glibc-2.39 sources for license information - Migrate License field to SPDX identifiers for https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/legal/allowed-licenses/ https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/legal/update-existing-packages (#2222074)
2024-02-07 Florian Weimer <fweimer at redhat dot com> - 2.39-2 - Ignore symbolic links to . in sysroot construction
2024-02-02 Carlos O'Donell <carlos at redhat dot com> - 2.39-1 - Switch to upstream 2.39 release, commit ef321e23c20eebc6d6fb4044425c00e6df27b05f - Document CVE-2023-6246, CVE-2023-6779, and CVE-2023-6780 - Update advisory format and introduce some automation - manual/io: Fix swapped reading and writing phrase. - Fix typo - S390: Fix building with --disable-mutli-arch [BZ #31196] - NEWS: insert advisories and fixed bugs for 2.39 - contrib.texi: update - INSTALL, install.texi: minor updates, regenerate - libc.pot: regenerate - version.h, include/features.h: Bump version to 2.39 - Create ChangeLog.old/ChangeLog.28
2024-01-31 Florian Weimer <fweimer at redhat dot com> - 2.38.9000-39 - Add noarch sysroot subpackages
2024-01-30 Patsy Griffin <patsy at redhat dot com> - 2.38.9000-38 - Auto-sync with upstream branch master, commit ddf542da94caf97ff43cc2875c88749880b7259b: - syslog: Fix integer overflow in __vsyslog_internal (CVE-2023-6780) - syslog: Fix heap buffer overflow in __vsyslog_internal (CVE-2023-6779) - syslog: Fix heap buffer overflow in __vsyslog_internal (CVE-2023-6246) - Use binutils 2.42 branch in build-many-glibcs.py - elf: correct relocation statistics for !ELF_MACHINE_START_ADDRESS
2024-01-29 Arjun Shankar <arjun at redhat dot com> - 2.38.9000-37 - Auto-sync with upstream branch master, commit ae49a7b29acc184b03c2a6bd6ac01b5e08efd54f: - Relicense IBM portions of resolv/base64.c resolv/res_debug.c. - localedata: Use consistent values for grouping and mon_grouping - manual: fix order of arguments of memalign and aligned_alloc (Bug 27547)
2024-01-25 Jens Petersen <petersen at redhat dot com> - 2.38.9000-36 - no longer supplement langpacks if all-langpacks installed



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