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2024-07-01 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat dot com> 14.1.1-7 - update from releases/gcc-14 branch - PRs c/114930, c/115502, c/115587, c++/115198, c++/115358, c++/115504, c++/115624, fortran/114019, fortran/115390, libstdc++/115454, libstdc++/115575, libstdc++/115668, target/106069, target/114846, target/115342, target/115355, target/115608, tree-optimization/115278, tree-optimization/115508 - revert the August 2016 workaround for python bytecode compilation (#2294381)
2024-06-20 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat dot com> 14.1.1-6 - update from releases/gcc-14 branch - PRs ada/114398, ada/114708, c/115290, c++/99678, c++/115239, c++/115283, c++/115378, c++/115511, driver/115440, fortran/83865, jit/115442, libstdc++/114958, libstdc++/115247, libstdc++/115308, rtl-optimization/115281, target/109549, target/111343, target/115253, target/115353, target/115360, tree-optimization/115544 - fix s390x ICEs with vector permutations from memory (#2293207, #2292501)
2024-06-07 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat dot com> 14.1.1-5 - update from releases/gcc-14 branch - PRs ada/115270, c/114493, c++/105320, c++/114275, c++/114868, c++/114983, c++/115187, fortran/86100, fortran/115150, libstdc++/109849, libstdc++/111641, libstdc++/114940, libstdc++/115099, libstdc++/115269, libstdc++/115335, middle-end/108789, middle-end/115352, modula2/114886, rtl-optimization/114902, rtl-optimization/115038, rtl-optimization/115092, target/113719, target/115169, target/115297, target/115317, target/115324, tree-optimization/115149, tree-optimization/115192, tree-optimization/115197, tree-optimization/115232, tree-optimization/115307, tree-optimization/115337
2024-05-22 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat dot com> 14.1.1-4 - update from releases/gcc-14 branch - PRs c++/114901, c++/114903, c++/114974, c++/114994, c++/115114, c++/115139, driver/114980, fortran/114827, fortran/114874, fortran/115039, libstdc++/107800, libstdc++/114866, libstdc++/114891, libstdc++/115015, libstdc++/115063, libstdc++/115119, middle-end/114931, sanitizer/115172, target/69374, target/112959, target/114968, target/114975, target/114981, target/115065, target/115069, tree-optimization/114998, tree-optimization/115143, tree-optimization/115152, tree-optimization/115154
2024-05-21 Siddhesh Poyarekar <siddhesh at redhat dot com> 14.1.1-3 - update new SPDX identifiers from all outstanding issues
2024-05-16 Marek Polacek <polacek at redhat dot com> 14.1.1-2 - fix a combinatorial explosion in combine (PR rtl-optimization/101523)
2024-05-08 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat dot com> 14.1.1-1 - update from releases/gcc-14 branch - GCC 14.1.0 release - PRs analyzer/111475, c++/89224, c++/114856, c++/114889, c++/114935, ipa/92606, middle-end/114734, middle-end/114907, modula2/113768, modula2/114133, modula2/114929, rtl-optimization/114924, sanitizer/114956, tree-optimization/114876, tree-optimization/114921, tree-optimization/114965
2024-05-03 Marek Polacek <polacek at redhat dot com> - enable hardening and configure with --enable-host-pie --enable-host-bind-now on RHEL - don't require rocm-runtime on RHEL
2024-04-30 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat dot com> 14.0.1-0.16 - update from trunk and releases/gcc-14 branch - GCC 14.1.0-rc1 - PRs c++/93595, c++/99426, c++/106820, c++/107457, c++/109966, c++/111284, c++/113141, c++/114078, c++/114393, c++/114426, c++/114600, c++/114634, c++/114691, c++/114706, c++/114709, c++/114784, c++/114795, c++/114888, c/92880, c/114780, d/111650, fortran/89462, fortran/93678, fortran/102597, fortran/103471, fortran/103496, fortran/113793, fortran/114739, fortran/114825, fortran/114959, gcov-profile/114715, gcov-profile/114720, libgcc/114689, libgcc/114755, libgcc/114762, libstdc++/93672, libstdc++/113386, libstdc++/114750, libstdc++/114770, libstdc++/114803, libstdc++/114863, lto/113208, lto/114574, middle-end/112938, middle-end/114753, modula2/112893, modula2/114745, modula2/114807, modula2/114811, modula2/114836, other/114738, preprocessor/114748, rtl-optimization/114768, sanitizer/114687, sanitizer/114743, target/110621, target/112431, target/112432, target/114416, target/114668, target/114676, target/114696, target/114714, target/114741, target/114752, target/114783, target/114794, target/114810, target/114837, target/114861, target/114885, testsuite/113706, testsuite/114744, testsuite/114768, tree-optimization/114403, tree-optimization/114666, tree-optimization/114733, tree-optimization/114736, tree-optimization/114749, tree-optimization/114769, tree-optimization/114787, tree-optimization/114792, tree-optimization/114799, tree-optimization/114832, tree-optimization/114883 - switch to --with-arch_64=x86-64-v3 for latest RHEL - remove obsolete reason for not shipping *.gch* files
2024-04-11 Jakub Jelinek <jakub at redhat dot com> 14.0.1-0.15 - update from trunk - PRs analyzer/114472, c++/114303, c++/114409, debug/112878, fortran/106500, middle-end/110027, middle-end/114681, target/114639, tree-optimization/109596, tree-optimization/114672 - fix symbol version of std::__basic_file<char>::native_handle() const (PR libstdc++/114692) - emit -Whardened warning even for -fhardened -fcf-protection=none (#2273610, PR target/114606)



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