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elfutils-debuginfod-client-0.185-5.fc35 in Fedora 35

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Date Author Change
2021-08-05 Mark Wielaard <mjw at fedoraproject dot org> - 0.185-5 - Use autosetup - Add elfutils-0.185-raise-pthread_kill-backtrace.patch
2021-07-21 Fedora Release Engineering <releng at fedoraproject dot org> - 0.185-4 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_35_Mass_Rebuild
2021-07-15 Mark Wielaard <mjw at fedoraproject dot org> - 0.185-3 - Update version to 0.185-3 for rawhide/f35 upgrade from f34 This build enables debuginfod client by default - Workaround bad test in make check
2021-05-26 Mark Wielaard <mjw at fedoraproject dot org> - 0.185-1 - Upgrade to upstream 0.185 - debuginfod-client: Simplify curl handle reuse so downloads which return an error are retried. - elfcompress: Always exit with code 0 when the operation succeeds (even when nothing was done). On error the exit code is now always 1.
2021-05-16 Frank Ch. Eigler <fche at redhat dot com> - 0.184-5 - Fix 404-latch problem on reused debuginfod_client. (PR27859)
2021-05-12 Frank Ch. Eigler <fche at redhat dot com> - 0.184-4 - Ship new profile.d files. (1956952)
2021-05-12 Frank Ch. Eigler <fche at redhat dot com> - 0.184-3 - Don't nuke the new profile.d files. (1956952)
2021-05-11 Frank Ch. Eigler <fche at redhat dot com> - 0.184-2 - Activate debuginfod client by default (1956952) to the fedora server.
2021-05-10 Mark Wielaard <mjw at fedoraproject dot org> - 0.184-1 - Upgrade to upstream 0.184 - debuginfod: Use libarchive's bsdtar as the .deb-family file unpacker. - debuginfod-client: Client caches negative results. If a query for a file failed with 404, an empty 000 permission file is created in the cache. This will prevent requesting the same file for the next 10 minutes. Client objects now carry long-lived curl handles for outgoing connections. This makes it more efficient for multiple sequential queries, because the TCP connections and/or TLS state info are kept around awhile, avoiding O(100ms) setup latencies. - libdw: handle DW_FORM_indirect when reading attributes - translations: Update Polish translation.
2021-04-19 Mark Wielaard <mjw at fedoraproject dot org> - 0.183-3 - Introduce CI gating setup


  • config(elfutils-debuginfod-client)
  • elfutils-debuginfod-client
  • elfutils-debuginfod-client(x86-64)
  • libdebuginfod.so.1()(64bit)
  • libdebuginfod.so.1(ELFUTILS_0)(64bit)
  • libdebuginfod.so.1(ELFUTILS_0.178)(64bit)
  • libdebuginfod.so.1(ELFUTILS_0.179)(64bit)
  • libdebuginfod.so.1(ELFUTILS_0.183)(64bit)


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