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dnf5-5.1.17-1.fc38 in Fedora 38

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Date Author Change
2024-04-03 Packit <hello at packit dot dev> - 5.1.17-1 - Update translations from weblate - dnf5daemon: Remove reposdir from allowed config overrides
2024-03-15 Packit <hello at packit dot dev> - 5.1.15-1 - Update translations from weblate - Automatically set `upgrade --downloadonly` when `--destdir` is used - Write warnings to stderr too in config-manager plugin - Add repoid to generated repository name in config-manager plugin - Bump sdbus-cpp requirement to 0.9.0 - Document and implement dnf5daemon Rpm interface - Document and implement dnf5daemon Goal interface - Document and implement dnf5daemon Repo interface - Document and implement dnf5daemon Base interface - Document and implement dnf5daemon Advisory interface - Document and implement dnf5daemon SessionManager interface - Add `dnf5daemon repo --enable/--disable` commands - automatic: Skip network availability check without remote repo - dnf5daemon: Rpm.list() works with commandline pkgs
2024-03-05 Packit <hello at packit dot dev> - 5.1.14-1 - Update translations from weblate - Make the error to resolve module metadata more descriptive - Switch off deltarpm support - Limit number of dnf5daemon simultaneously active sessions - Make info and list commands case insesitive - Allow dnf5daemon configuration overrides for root - Add repoquery.hpp for swig-4.2.1 support
2024-02-20 Packit <hello at packit dot dev> - 5.1.13-1 - Release 5.1.13 - build: Adapt to changes in Fedora packaging of bash-completion - Change location of automatic.conf - Limit message log to one on dnf5 start - Implement waiting for network for dnf5 automatic - Write dnf5 commandline to the log - Implement dnf5-automatic: Tool for managing automatic upgrades - Parametrize output stream in transaction table - Add `download --srpm` option - Add missing dbus signal registations - Add new versionlock bindings - Implement `dnf5 versionlock` command
2024-02-09 Packit <hello at packit dot dev> - 5.1.12-1 - Release 5.1.12 - Update translations from weblate - Drop dnf obsoletion temporarily - Use regex for tmt plan names - Add tmt tests identifiers - PackageQuery: Add `filter_{latest,earliest}_evr_ignore_arch` - Suggest to use dnf5 command to install dnf5 plugins - Added arch option to the download command - CI: Upgrade action/checkout to a version with Node.js 20 - Document explicit nevra remove commands and aliases dropped - build: Include <unistd.h> for isatty() - Change user info display on history command to include display name and username - Revert "Use focusbest: prefer latest deps versions over smaller transactions" - Fix a warning when building docs. - modules: Add a test for enabling default modules - modules: Add a new module stream to test data - modules: Respect defaults when enabling multiple streams of a module - modules: Fix TransactionItemType for not found modules - Build: Require GCC 10.1 for std::in_range<>() - Add --urlprotocol option to download command - dnfdaemon: Explicitly specify allowed config overrides - Disable dnf and dnf5daemon tests - needs-restarting: get systemd boot time from UnitsLoadStartTimestamp - doc: Add --destdir option to upgrade command manual - Move number placeholder to postposition in copr_repo.cpp - Added url option - Load protected packages from installroot - Make protected_packages an append options - doc: Create a man page for Aliases - I18N: Annotate literals in advisory command - Extend filter_release and filter_version tests - package_query: Fix filter_version with non EQ comparator - Fix clang format - Fix code for string deduplication - Use placeholders to deduplicate strings - Add __hash__(), __str__(), and __repr__() for Package - Add __hash__() for Reldep Python binding - Add __repr__() to python bindings of Reldep - Define tp_str slot for Reldep Class - group: Fix using allowerasing option - Fix misspellings - I18N: Remove duplicate empty message IDs from catalogs - I18N: Do not mark empty strings for a translation
2024-01-11 Packit <hello at packit dot dev> - 5.1.11-1 - Release 5.1.11 - Update translations from weblate - Fix `--skip-unavailable` documentation - Make `cachedir`, `system_cachedir` relative to `installroot` - Workaround for swig-4.2.0 missing fragment dependency - Add `repoquery --recursive` option - Add `repoquery --providers-of=PACKAGE_ATTRIBUTE` option - Update documentation of repoquery - Update documentation for remove command behavior - Limit search pattern for remove command to NEVRAs and files - Packaging: Require an exact release of libdnf5-cli by dnf5-plugins - Disable zchunk on RHEL - Add dnf5.conf man page - Add RPM package Group attribute to dnf5daemon-server - Document changes related to caching - Document caching man page - Document Global Option `--help-cmd` dropped - log_event: Correct message for HINT_ICASE
2024-01-02 Packit <hello at packit dot dev> - 5.1.10-1 - Release 5.1.10 - Document dnf5 plugins - Document How-to write libdnf5 plugin tutorial - Document How-to write dnf5 plugin tutorial - Document Templates for libdnf5 plugin - Document Templates for dnf5 plugin - Sort the module info table - `module info` print hint for active modules - `module info` print "[a]" for active modules - Ensure write permission before importing packages - Change module dependency string to be the same as in dnf4 - `module info`: improve summary and description - Escape glob characters in pkg specs for `builddep` - Add `mc` alias for `makecache` - Implement `logdir`, `log_size` and `log_rotate` config options - remove redundant "all" in command `check` - Improve bash completion - Fix progress bars miss newlines on non-interactive output
2023-12-08 Packit <hello at packit dot dev> - 5.1.9-1 - Release 5.1.9 - Update translations from weblate - Fix builds for RISC-V arch - Fix architecture autodetection - Move `am_i_root` function to common library - Implement `module info` command - Add user confirmation request if `history store` overwrites a file - Add `history store` command - Add API to serialize base::transaction in JSON - Add API to serialize transaction::transaction in JSON - Add docs for `provides` - Implement command `provides` - Read `copr.vendor.conf` in `/usr/share` first - Add docs for `check` command - Implement `check` command - Expose `utis/fs/file.hpp` and `temp.hpp` on API - Document dropping of the `skip-broken` for `upgrade` - Update man pages with missing dependency resolving-related options - Document `skip-broken` option only for related commands - Test for adding an empty list to memory file - Check serialized temporary files memory is non-empty - Add `microcode_ctl` to needs-restarting's reboot list - Fix reporting spec matches only source
2023-11-24 Packit <hello at packit dot dev> - 5.1.8-1 - Release 5.1.8 - Update translations from weblate - Don't run infinitely when enabling dependent modules and module is not found - Always print "[d]" in module list for default streams - Fix transaction table headers for module operations - Implement `config-manager addrepo --add-or-replace` - Implement plugin `config-manager` - Allow globs in module_spec arguments - Document needs-restarting plugin - Add no-op `needs-restarting -r` for DNF 4 compat - Implement `needs-restarting --services` - Initial implementation of needs-restarting
2023-11-09 Packit <hello at packit dot dev> - 5.1.7-1 - Release 5.1.7 - Actions plugin's actions.conf can set "Enabled" for each action separately - Actions plugin now supports action options - Implement `get_reason()` for groups and environments - Disable the RHSM plugin by default and enable it in the RPM spec - Add missing docs for `get_advisory_packages_sorted_by_name_arch_evr(bool)` - Update documentation about maintained coprs - modules: Test `ModuleProfile::is_default()` method - modules: Simplify finding whether profile is default in module list - modules: Fix `ModuleProfile::is_default` method - modules: Store if profile is default in ModuleProfile object - Generate docs for undocummented functions so they at least show up - Add python advisory docs - Add advisory python API tests - Enable AdvisoryModule bindings


  • config(dnf5)
  • dnf5
  • dnf5(x86-64)
  • dnf5-command(advisory)
  • dnf5-command(autoremove)
  • dnf5-command(check)
  • dnf5-command(check-upgrade)
  • dnf5-command(clean)
  • dnf5-command(distro-sync)
  • dnf5-command(downgrade)
  • dnf5-command(download)
  • dnf5-command(environment)
  • dnf5-command(group)
  • dnf5-command(history)
  • dnf5-command(info)
  • dnf5-command(install)
  • dnf5-command(leaves)
  • dnf5-command(list)
  • dnf5-command(makecache)
  • dnf5-command(mark)
  • dnf5-command(module)
  • dnf5-command(offline)
  • dnf5-command(provides)
  • dnf5-command(reinstall)
  • dnf5-command(remove)
  • dnf5-command(repo)
  • dnf5-command(repoquery)
  • dnf5-command(search)
  • dnf5-command(swap)
  • dnf5-command(system-upgrade)
  • dnf5-command(upgrade)
  • dnf5-command(versionlock)
  • microdnf


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