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Date Author Change
2023-05-18 Jan Kolarik <jkolarik at redhat dot com> - 4.15.1-1 - Update to 4.15.1 - automatic: Fix online detection with proxy (RhBug:2022440) - automatic: Return an error when transaction fails (RhBug:2170093) - repoquery: Allow uppercased query tags (RhBug:2185239) - Unprotect dnf and yum, protect python3-dnf
2023-04-06 Jan Kolarik <jkolarik at redhat dot com> - 4.15.0-1 - Update to 4.15.0 - Add reboot option to DNF Automatic (RhBug:2124793) - Add support for rollback of group upgrade rollback (RhBug:2016070) - Omit src RPMs from check-update (RhBug:2151910) - repoquery: Properly sanitize queryformat strings (RhBug:2140884) - Don't double-encode RPM URLs passed on CLI (RhBug:2103015) - Allow passing CLI options when loading remote cfg (RhBug:2060127) - Ignore processing variable files with unsupported encoding (RhBug:2141215) - Fix AttributeError when IO busy and press ctrl+c (RhBug:2172433) - cli: Allow = in setopt values - Mark strftime format specifiers for translation - Unload plugins upon their deletion - Fixes in docs and help command - Fix plugins unit tests - Add unit tests for dnf mark - smtplib: catch OSError, not SMTPException
2023-01-19 Fedora Release Engineering <releng at fedoraproject dot org> - 4.14.0-2 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_38_Mass_Rebuild
2022-09-09 Jaroslav Rohel <jrohel at redhat dot com> - 4.14.0-1 - Update to 4.14.0 - doc: Describe how gpg keys are stored for `repo_ggpcheck` (RhBug:2020678) - Set default value for variable to prevent crash (RhBug:2091636) - Add only relevant pkgs to upgrade transaction (RhBug:2097757) - Use `installed_all` because `installed_query` is filtered user input - Don't include resolved advisories for obsoletes filtering with security filters (RhBug:2101421) - Allow passing plugin parameters with dashes in names (RhBug:1980712) - Fix upgrade from file to noarch pkg (RhBug:2006018) - Translations update - Expose plugin unload method to API (RhBug:2047251) - Add support for group upgrade rollback (RhBug:2016070) - Fix broken dependencies error reporting (RhBug:2088422) - Add doc related to --destdir and --downloadonly options (RhBug:2100811)
2022-07-21 Fedora Release Engineering <releng at fedoraproject dot org> - 4.13.0-3 - Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_37_Mass_Rebuild
2022-06-15 Python Maint <python dash maint at redhat dot com> - 4.13.0-2 - Rebuilt for Python 3.11
2022-05-30 Jaroslav Rohel <jrohel at redhat dot com> - 4.13.0-1 - Update to 4.13.0 - Base.reset: plug (temporary) leak of libsolv's page file descriptors - Small change to better present the option - Use sqlite cache to make bash completion snappier (RhBug:1815895)
2022-05-13 Marek Blaha <mblaha at redhat dot com> - 4.12.0-2 - Backport patch to not use re.template() deprecated in Python 3.11
2022-05-05 Jaroslav Rohel <jrohel at redhat dot com> - 4.12.0-1 - Update to 4.12.0 - dnf.conf: hint users where to find more info about defaults and other options - Fix unittests that relied on checksum being at the end of solvfiles - completion: remove unnecessary echo - Fix remove when no repos are enabled (RhBug:2064341) - Add loongarch support for dnf - Add spaces between words to fix typos (RhBug:2077296) - [doc] Improve "proxy" configuration option documentation (RhBug:2072332) - Fix download errors handling in non-english locales (RhBug:2024527)
2022-04-28 Richard W.M. Jones <rjones at redhat dot com> - 4.11.1-3 - Backport fix for leak of libsolv's page file descriptors



  • dnf
  • dnf-command(alias)
  • dnf-command(autoremove)
  • dnf-command(check-update)
  • dnf-command(clean)
  • dnf-command(distro-sync)
  • dnf-command(downgrade)
  • dnf-command(group)
  • dnf-command(history)
  • dnf-command(info)
  • dnf-command(install)
  • dnf-command(list)
  • dnf-command(makecache)
  • dnf-command(mark)
  • dnf-command(provides)
  • dnf-command(reinstall)
  • dnf-command(remove)
  • dnf-command(repolist)
  • dnf-command(repoquery)
  • dnf-command(repository-packages)
  • dnf-command(search)
  • dnf-command(updateinfo)
  • dnf-command(upgrade)
  • dnf-command(upgrade-to)


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