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dnf-automatic-4.19.2-1.fc38 in Fedora 38

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2024-03-29 Evan Goode <mail at evangoo dot de> - 4.19.2-1 - Update to 4.19.2 - Bump libdnf requirement to 0.73.1
2024-03-28 Evan Goode <egoode at redhat dot com> - 4.19.1-1 - Update to 4.19.1 - Add required `.readthedocs.yaml`, `conf.py` and set `sphinx_rtd_theme` - Drop dnf obsoletion temporarily - doc: Update FAQ entry on filelists - build: Adapt to changes in Fedora packaging of bash-completion - Support RPMTRANS_FLAG_DEPLOOPS - Add all candidates for reinstall to solver - Fix handling installonly packages reasons - Remove confusing sentence from documentation - Remove "leaf" word from documentation - Update documentation of history userinstalled command - Onboard packit tests - doc: Makecache with timer tries only one mirror - ELN: Don't obsolete DNF with DNF5 yet - bash-completion: Complete dnf command only if we own it - bash-completion: Prepare ownerships for dnf5 switch
2024-02-20 Jan Kolarik <jkolarik at redhat dot com> - 4.19.0-1 - Update to 4.19.0 - conf: Introduce new optional_metadata_types option to load filelists on demand - cli: Add a hint for user on transaction file dependency failure - cli: Setup filelists metadata for commands that need them - util: Add function for detecting file in specs - Fix failing API unit test on rawhide (RhBug:2261066) - automatic: Use add_security_filters, not _update_security_filters
2023-12-08 Jan Kolarik <jkolarik at redhat dot com> - 4.18.2-1 - Update to 4.18.2 - automatic: Add feature to allow emitters to invoke on dnf error - dnssec: Fix parsing PGP keys for DNS validation (RhBug:2249380)
2023-11-07 Jan Kolarik <jkolarik at redhat dot com> - 4.18.1-1 - Update to 4.18.1 - Do not translate repoquery time format strings (RhBug:2245773) - automatic: Fix applying the color option
2023-10-19 Jan Kolarik <jkolarik at redhat dot com> - 4.18.0-2 - Revert "Does not print Verify: package" (RhBug:1908253)
2023-10-18 Jan Kolarik <jkolarik at redhat dot com> - 4.18.0-1 - Update to 4.18.0 - base: Add obsoleters of only latest versions (RhBug:2183279,2176263) - comps: Fix marking a group package as installed (RhBug:2066638) - distro-sync: Print better info message when no match (RhBug:2011850) - Include dist-info for python3-dnf (RhBug:2239323) - Revert "Block signals during RPM transaction processing" (RhBug:2133398) - Do not print details of verifying (RhBug:1908253) - Add Recommends /usr/bin/sqlite3 for bash-completion for Fedora - conf: Split $releasever to $releasever_major and $releasever_minor (RhBug:1789346) - Allow DNF to be removed by DNF 5 (RhBug:2221907) - Update translations
2023-09-20 Jan Kolarik <jkolarik at redhat dot com> - 4.17.0-6 - Revert "Block signals during RPM transaction processing" (RhBug:2236997)
2023-09-01 Jan Kolarik <jkolarik at redhat dot com> - 4.17.0-1 - Update to 4.17.0 - crypto: Use libdnf crypto API instead of using GnuPG/GpgME - Reprotect dnf, unprotect python3-dnf (RhBug:2221905) - Block signals during RPM transaction processing (RhBug:2133398) - Fix bash completion due to sqlite changes (RhBug:2232052) - automatic: allow use of STARTTLS/TLS - automatic: use email_port specified in config
2023-08-16 Jan Kolarik <jkolarik at redhat dot com> - 4.16.2-4 - Fixes of conditions in spec file



  • config(dnf-automatic)
  • dnf-automatic


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